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With bad news hammering us from every angle it's nice to know that something good still exists. Here you will find straight talk about male-to-male touch. It's light years beyond just another male massage! It's a service that will, for a couple hours, take you out of the muck and mire of bad news, and propel you into the land of pure bliss and harmony. Check out the Body Fantasy, the male--to--male touch service that has changed the lives of men since 1995.


Welcome to the oldest web site on male-to-male touch. This site has been in continuous operation since 1999 and is all about a special technique, so far advanced, that it's not called a massage, but instead it's a Body Fantasy. Men have been enjoying The Body Fantasy, primarily from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, for 20 years, but men come from everywhere to experience this very special technique, guaranteed to put a smile on every man's face. And, no Google ads, no cookies and no tracking. You are totally safe visiting this site.


Thank you for joining us here, and enjoy the site.


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Jim and Eric


New Stuff in the Body Fantasy

Visual Sensation


This is an  addition to enhance your sensual pleasure. Lie under beautiful moving images, projected from two overhead monitors, during your fantasy. Each visual image is designed to take your senses to their maximum, and send you into a universe of feeling you have never experienced. Come and experience all of your senses being stimulated at one time. You will not find this unique environment anywhere else. Click the Facilities tab for details.


Training Videos Back by Demand


 It's amazing how my clients never forget things. I removed the training videos from this site some time ago, but I still get requests from some of my clients to view them again. So, back by demand are the old Body Fantasy Training Videos from 1998, when I first decided to document the technique. These clips are 17 years old, and the Body Fantasy has changed immensely over the years. But you can get a rough idea of what the technique is by clicking the last link to the left.