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Straight talk about male-to-male touch. It's light years beyond just a massage!

Welcome to the oldest web site on male-to-male touch. This site has been in continuous operation since 1999 and is all about a special technique, so far advanced, that it's not called a massage, but instead it's a Body Fantasy. Men have been enjoying The Body Fantasy, primarily from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, for nearly 20 years, but men come from everywhere to experience this very special technique, guaranteed to put a smile on every man's face. And, no Google ads, no cookies and no tracking. You are totally safe visiting this site.

Thank you for joining us here, and enjoy the site.

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Jim and Eric

New Stack of Stuff in the Body Fantasy

Twenty Year Anniversary Coming Up

The beginning of 2015 marks 20 years the Body Fantasy has been serving the best in body touch services. I want to thank the many men everywhere who have supported the Body Fantasy since 1995. Look for special little twists, games, puzzles and specials coming up in 2015. Look, too for Eric to be scheduling specials he will run for you. We plan on making 2015 one of our best years, yet. So, read over our site, and join in the fun many other men have had by making an appointment with either Eric or Jim. We know men. We know exactly what your body needs to make you feel like a man should feel.

New Schedule Times for Eric (Normalcy at last!)

Effective October 17, Eric's schedule is back to normal. He may now be  booked reliably in any green time on his schedule.

Emotion Leveling Fantasy now at a special price.

Every now and then I run special prices on fantasies. The sensual fantasy by Eric has had a special price for some time now, and because it has been so successful I will try to hold that price as long as possible.

Now I am offering the ELF at the same low price as my Sensual Fantasy. Read about the ELF and see how it may help you to overcome almost anything, and fast.

Visual Sensation

This is a semi-recent addition to enhance your sensual pleasure. Lie under beautiful moving images, projected from two overhead monitors, during your fantasy. Each visual image is designed to take your senses to their maximum, and send you into a universe of feeling you have never experienced. Come and experience all of your senses being stimulated at one time. You will not find this unique environment anywhere else. Click the Facilities tab for details.