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 The Ultimate Gold Standard in Male Body Pleasure
This Fantasy is no longer offered and is kept at this page for historical reference.

Touching is paramount, as it is in all my Fantasies. But, with this baby your body will be touched and pampered in ways you never thought possible with four hands performing techniques so well developed, you will wonder how anyone could put it all together. You will become alive and vibrant and many times old emotions surface and leave. Eric and I totally understand men. We can almost read your mind, and we know exactly what to do. You will feel whole again, perhaps after years of emotional struggles; trying to find that what you know exists, yet could never quite reach out and grab it.

The Sensual 4 Hand Fantasy is extremely powerful, So just, let your imagination run ape here, and envision lightning bolt stimulation streaking down from the sky and slamming into your being thrusting you to heights you never dreamed possible.

Quite honestly, I don't believe anything exists in the world of feel good pleasure that compares to having our four hands working on your body for a full two hours*. During this Fantasy you will have my hands skillfully bringing feelings to one part of your body, while Eric's hands are adroitly engaged elsewhere. Your body will be touched and pampered during your journey into the world of extreme pleasure. You won't know or care that there are four hands on you, as it feels like dozens. Be prepared to experience feelings in your body you never even thought possible. Many men have said they had no idea they could feel that good. The secret is providing a conducive environment combined with the elements of dedicated care and attention, and watch the miracles happen. And, each of those attributes is presented to you in just the right doses.   

 Scheduling this Fantasy

This fantasy can be scheduled any time Eric's and my schedule shows GREEN on our schedule. If logistics of scheduling permit, we may even be able to schedule you in on short notice. I can't promise that, but I will try to accommodate short notice requests as best as I can.


As with all Body Fantasies, all ethical protocols are strictly enforced as described in the Disclaimer and in the FAQ page.