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Note: Jim has retired and Eric now offers the two hour

Sensual Fantasy.


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Without a phone number on first time clients, I cannot accept your request.

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The sensual fantasy with Eric is two hours long.

The Sensual Fantasy with Eric -- $85.00


Note: This fantasy with Eric is charged at the full two hour rate, regardless if it ends early,

 or if you request a shorter time.

See Cost

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Before selecting a date and time, check our Online Schedule for open times. Selecting a non-green (unavailable time) invalidates your request.

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Please tell me something about yourself. I don't require a life history, but I like to know a bit about the man I will serve. Include what you think I should know to take care of your concerns, needs or special requests. Feel free to get windy if you want, The more you write the better our understanding of your needs. And it's about serving you -- taking care of your body. No one has access to this information except Jim and Eric.

Optional for Repeat Men -- but feel free to enter anything that might help or enhance your next experience.

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Just a reminder here before you press SUBMIT:

Please review this form carefully. Have you checked our schedule to be sure the time you have selected is open? Also. if you are a first time client, please verify you know my City Location before you submit your request. After you submit this request, please check your computer often to get my reply. This becomes really important if you are making a short notice request, so I can set your appointment quickly. If you are requesting an appointment for the first time did you fill out the sketch box above?


Thanks for your request. Eric looks forward to serving you.

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