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 Serious Medicine for Serious Problems.
From the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

This is not a Fantasy to be taken lightly. It combines the latest advances in meridian-based energy therapies with selected techniques from the Sensual Fantasy which combined together have the power to wipe out emotional garbage, including most all phobias, fears, anger, guilt, resentment, shame, sexual problems, addictions, cravings and so on. There are almost no limits to what can be zapped. Here is what you do. Decide which daunting emotions you would like to see leveled, i.e., phobias, fears cravings, addictions, PTSD problems and about anything else you can think of. Then make your appointment and watch your emotional baggage get blasted to bits .as it topples like a house of cards.

 The ELF also works on physical problems. If you are bothered by physical problems, such as back aches, shoulder pain, etc, you might want to learn about the ELF and its amazing ability to rid the body of the root emotional cause of many types of physical pain. Even pain that you thought remains from an injury may have as its root cause the emotion of the injury and might not be totally due only to the injury that you think is causing the pain.

 If this sounds almost too good to be true, then what else you would expect on the Magic Fantasy Table? There is really no need to spend thousands with a shrink, talking about how you feel, for endless hours—waiting and hoping for the cure to happen. Chances are very slim it ever will. Shrinks assume a different premise about what causes your negative emotions and go from there. But, aboard the Magic Fantasy Table this method is so powerful, that often within minutes, and even within seconds after applying it, zapping of major emotional baggge is common. 

 Is this for real, you may be asking? Yes, it is. Let me explain. Body Fantasies work by balancing the body's subtle energy fields, but this one has the added power, while balancing and reharmonizing body energies, to simultaneously blast away virtually all mental debris. This Fantasy does not use hypnosis, or other conventional methods you may be familiar with. My training in body energy balancing extends back 30 years, so I am no stranger to body energy balancing, and I constantly update my skills to bring my clients the latest refinements known to be effective. The ELF incorporates techniques from the exciting fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, where the most remarkable discoveries in the history of alternative healing reside. I have extensive experience in these fields and I now offer it in the Body Fantasy through the ELF.

 You might be asking what my credentials are for doing this. I have been working with various energy systems to balance the body for 30 years. I have used the EFT technique on hundreds of people, and I have studied and applied this specific science for 11 years. Prior to the discovery and perfection of EFT, I used the techniques of Wilhelm Reich and that dates back to 1983, when I first leaned and started applying his discoveries. Since then I have perfected my skills with EFT and have helped many to achieve better mental and physical health.

During this Fantasy you have to talk to me, and I have to talk to you. We don't talk a lot and you don't have to talk a lot, but to be effective, you will have to talk. I don't have to know the details of any specific emotion, but I should know it exists. A shrink, on the other hand, generally assumes that a negative emotion is caused by the memory of a past trauma. and then you are asked to repeatedly relive emotionally painful events. But on the Magic Fantasy Table I respect the memories while addressing the true cause---a disruption in your energy flow system. We can even play games with your emotional garbage, and laugh together as it flies apart never to be heard from again.

 To date, no licensing boards in the U.S. regulate the practice of Energy Medicine, and the field is yet considered experimental. This then results in dedicated practitioners offering these uncommon and very effective techniques to their clients as alternatives to conventional methods. Licensed doctors and psychiatrists have yet to stray from of the confines of their professional walls to include these methods in their practices. There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is green. If patients got fixed on the first appointment, would you expect them to use it?

The popularity of this Fantasy has been very gratifying, and I will offer it continually in the future. Many men have had this fantasy and each has been pleased at how effective and how good they feel afterwards. So, if you have emotional baggage or physical problems of virtually any nature, then this fantasy could made to order for you. Sign up now, you have nothing to lose.


As always please read the Disclaimer regarding all Body Fantasies at the Disclaimer button above. 

As with all fantasies, my ethics and protocols are enforced as are explained in the FAQ's and in the Disclaimer