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 The younger hands in the Body Fantasy
(way younger than Jim's)

Now that I have retired Eric will be carrying on the Body Fantasy alone. Eric is 41, very animated and extremely friendly. He is 5'11 about 180 pounds and has a killer smile. He has an awesome free style very likable personality. He knows how to make a man feel good and he understands exactly what is needed to send his clients on an unforgettable journey. He has zero attitude, and does not profess to be a know it all. He is humble, and caring. He can be serious, or humorous, and he has the unique ability to switch between either instantly. He has an animated personality that you can't help but love.

 From the moment Eric greets you at the door, to when you leave, you will know Eric is very special, with talents and personality that are extremely rare. You will quickly realize that Eric was born into this world to take care of men, and he does that with intense enthusiasm. I have watched Eric develop over the many years I have nurtured him, and it has been gratifying to witness his willingness and his dedication to serve and take care of my clients with an incredible passion. Those traits are rarely found in men, as society has constructed road blocks condemning men caring about men, however, Eric simply ignores society's taboos, and he plunges ahead to do what he loves to do best.

 This year, 2018, makes twelve years Eric has been doing Body Fantasies with me. And now it's up to him to carry on my tradition. He is well seasoned in providing the touch that all men require to keep them balanced and feeling good. Eric knows men, so book Eric for an experience you will never forget. 

As with all fantasies, my ethics and protocols are enforced as are explained in the FAQ's and in the Disclaimer