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 For two full hours,  let  Eric take you on a journey into the inner sanctums of the annihilation of touch deprivation

For two full hours Eric will send you on a sensual journey into a universe of pure man-to-man total-body pampering pleasure in the Body Fantasy studio. He will infuse your body, mind and spirit with just the right amount of touch, pampering and caring that will fill in those nagging, and sometimes, unbearable energy gaps that seep into a man's psyche for whatever reasons. Eric knows men get stressed, and so much so, that often times that stress builds to where they know they must get relief. Either they get that relief, or they suffer with internal turmoil and conflicts that have various negative effects on a man's mental stability and his physical well being. Eric is well equipped to take men out of the funk, and with remarkable care and inherent understanding, he breaths the spark of life back into a man, that can restore his wiring-to make him feel like a real man again.

Why does any man go to a traditional massage therapist? Just to be touched. That's basically it! They usually don't go because of any physical problems that need fixing, but only to be touched.

Never been touched by a man before? Well, have no fear of that. If you are a man, and you have been wondering what its like to be touched by a man, and cared for and pampered over, then this is the ideal place to start. Just tell Eric it's all new to you, that you are scared s***less, and are as nervous as hell. He understands that, and he will guide your experience with total understanding and gentle touch. He knows exactly how you feel. Perhaps you have been married for 30 years, and even though you have a great wife, you often experience that nagging feeling, what's it like? Male to male touch can be a profound experience, and when done right with the right person, it can be an explosive experience. Eric is that person. He will settle your fears, and within a minute or two, your nerves will calm and your body and mind will join with his as he takes you on a journey guaranteed to fill that huge void that so many men experience all during their lives. And, you are always assured of absolute privacy and discreteness. No one will ever discover your visit with Eric. Your privacy is completely protected in every Body Fantasy offering.

As with all fantasies, my ethics and protocols are enforced as are explained in the FAQ's and the Disclaimer.