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A  man's Disney World

      My studio is built into a secluded, dedicated sound proofed area of my very nice home, located in a quiet peaceful residential area. It is not just a table plopped in the middle of a living room, spare bedroom, family room, or even a hotel room, as some are. The office and studio complex were designed and built specifically, by myself, for this work over twenty years ago, and no details have been overlooked. Many hours were spent developing the perfect Fantasy room with embedded technical features and special engineered equipment that contribute to the overall body fantasy experience.

      The studio has been designed around unique things, including, computer controlled background lighting effects. The lighting theme changes mysteriously as your fantasy begins Also, during your Fantasy there are rare circular lights that flash lightning in time to the music. There are even fuzzy bears peering down from perches close to the table (bears are not live).

       For the ultimate in Fantasy sound, there are two power amplifiers driving eleven independent speakers, scattered about, resulting in an audio experience beyond just sound, but sound so ethereal and sensual that it not only surrounds your entire body and spirit but penetrates deep into it. You won't know or care where the sound is coming from, it's just there-- everywhere. The volume is always just right and rises and falls mysteriously to the intensity of the technique. The volume won't over power you. Each selected song has meaning - relevance - which is rather rare in today's music culture.

      The default temperature of the studio is 81 F degrees and 50% to 65% humidity. You will not shiver or shake on my table due to being cold. If you prefer another temperature, you may select it on the Booking Form. I don't advise going below 77, unless you need to have it that cool or cooler. The table top always has fresh clean colored sanitary linens and is heated warm and toasty when you climb aboard. The table top heat is normally set to high heat, however, you can request whatever heat you want for the table top on the Booking Form. And, even in the middle of summer, the room is warm. The Body Fantasy technique is programmed around heat and warmth, not a chilly environment.

      As for tables, mine is not the conventional style massage table that is used in the practice of massage therapy. I could not find anything suitable offered in that market having the features I wanted, so I designed and built a magic Fantasy table. It has properties not found in run-of-the-mill standard massage tables. You will feel total comfort the instant you hop on. The magic Fantasy table can gently rock back and forth. It's no puny 28 inch wide and 30 inch high table either, but is a full 6 inches wider and taller, so I work smoothly and easily on your body from the sides and I don't lean my weight into you from above. And you won't go over the edge either (at least not the table's edge). I also use real pillows to cradle your head so you don't suffer by sticking your head into an uncomfortable face cradle attachment used on conventional tables, and then lay there like a steel girder staring at the floor with your cheeks flattened out and arms like rigid stove pipes protruding from your shoulders. On my table you lay however you want that is comfortable for you. There are no rules. You set your own comfort zone here. I work to whatever position you assume.

     From the moment you enter my studio, something tells you there is nothing to fear as you glance around at the theme decor. You will sense immediate comfort and safety. You will smell the aroma of Eucalyptus essential oil drifting in the air. Just breathing in the vapors has an exhilarating effect. You will know immediately you are in a safe and caring place--something so important, when considering the intimacy you are about to experience. It's a very private, snug, warm, comfortable space, just for you and I (and Eric if you choose his Fantasy or our four hander) as we take this memorable journey together. And that is only the beginning.

     Visual Sensation is newest addition to the Body Fantasy facilities. The overhead projected lighting is the predominant light source in the room and comes from two 22 inch LCD monitors located directly above your head and tummy. (click through the studio images by clicking the The Studio Photos tab) Those monitors, display the added sensual stimulation of moving visual images in time to the music. They are not Windows Media player visualizations, but carefully chosen sets of images designed for each song, that will propel you into a universe beyond your wildest dreams. Each song has a unique visual attached which, along with the stimulation of the touch technique, and cozy safe warmth of the room; the scents in the room and the carefully chosen play list of songs, will bring your body into a state of relaxed bliss. You will feel an excitement that you may never have felt in your life. The projected lighting is controlled from a computer program that can either project the dazzling psychedelic images that appear to beat in time to the music, or non moving colors such as red, yellow and blue that sometimes also flash to the intensity of the music. You may select the type of lighting you want on the Booking Form and of course it can always be changed anytime during your fantasy with the remote wireless keypad which we have right nearby. Just say what you want and you got it.

     Health note: All things that touch your body are sanitized between clients. Nothing comes in contact with your body that has not been antiseptically cleaned using powerful germicides and anti-viral agents. I wash my hands several times during your fantasy using antibacterial soap, not only to get the oils off for the next technique, but to make sure everything is super clean. I don't take chances with your health or mine.