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To avoid any misconceptions as to what I and Eric do, and what you can expect, I am including some real questions and answers coming from AOL instant messages, web chats initiated by web visitors to this site, and email over the years. These FAQ's represent the bulk of questions most commonly asked, but certainly do not include all the questions that come up. I have elaborated on the answers for greater clarity, but the wording of the questions is exact in meaning. Reading these might save us a bunch a time, and help you determine if what we do is for you. If you see something in these FAQ's that you don't like or disagree with, then it's best not to make an appointment or ask me to change what I do. I am always adding more questions and answers as they occur.

Certain special requests are always considered, but they must align with my ethics, protocols and procedures. My methods in working exclusively with men have been around for 21 years and work very well with my clients, so well in fact, that I will not compromise my standards, values or integrity. If you are requesting a Fantasy with Eric, the same ethics and protocols apply to these questions.

Q: I selected the Sensual Fantasy with Jim, but decided I would like to try Eric instead, can I change that request over to Eric before my appointment?

A: You can always make any changes you want before your appointment. If Eric's schedule shows he is available, just either send me email, or resubmit the appointment form with a note in the sketch box that you are requesting a change. 

Q: Is it OK to tip you?

A: It is fine. Tips are always welcomed and appreciated.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: No. I am not a massage therapist nor do I hold myself out as one, nor do I profess to practice massage therapy, bodywork or any derivation thereof. What I do is not massage therapy, and although there might be similarities, the differences are totally outside the realm of that practice. I have never taken a course in traditional massage therapy, and I have no interest in that profession. Massage therapy and bodywork is a licensed profession in this state.

Q: Are you nude during the session?

A: No, I wear scrubs.


Q: Is there anything else involved?

A: If you're asking about having sex with me, I do not engage in sex with my clients. If you are looking for sex with your provider, then I suggest you check out other male sites for your location. Many do offer sex, but that is not what I do.


Q: Are you gay or bi?

A: I don't like society labels. Sexuality is what it is, and is not to be labeled by persons less considerate. I consider myself just a sexual person as I consider everyone else. Sexuality is not an issue with me and I don't consider it when doing a Body Fantasy. I treat you with the same high dignity and respect you deserve without making an issue out of your sexuality or physical stats. If you happen to be tagged with a society label of "gay", "bi" or "srt8" or some combination in between, or perhaps don't know or are struggling to find out, that's fine and that's you. My technique adjusts to your emotions and desires as I sense them. So, wherever you happen to fit in the natural distribution of human sexuality, or wherever I fit, together we will create the perfect combination and make your Body Fantasy an experience beyond belief. 


Q: I am a straight man, do you do us?

A: There is no requirement to be anything but male and over 17. Sexual preference labels are an abomination to me. All adult men are welcome.


Q: I think I might get aroused. What if that happens?

A: So it happens. Here you are free to be your male self, without embarrassment. Just relax and enjoy.


Q: Will you get me off?

A: No. The purpose of the Body Fantasy is not for sexual gratification.

Q: Can I get you off?

A: No. That is not the purpose of the Body Fantasy. 


Q: Do you ever get to (city)?

A: No, I do not do Body Fantasies anyplace else. All of what I do must be done with the proper surroundings and staging. Going through the motions on a hotel bed or on a table someplace other than my studio would be an absolute waste of human effort.


Q: Can I bring my (bf/gf) to watch?

A: No. Getting a Body Fantasy is a private and personal experience and I do not perform in front of others.


Q: Can I bring my partner and you do us both?

A: No. I can only accommodate one on the table at a time. If you want separate sessions, that is fine, but I have to put at least two hours between each session meaning that for the two of you the entire day would have to be at least six hours long plus your travel time. 

Q: What can you do for a bad back?

A: I do not specifically claim to cure anything, although many times some physical symptoms just vanish with my technique. The methods used in the ELF, however, have repeatedly been shown to banish back pains, arm pains, etc. In fact the ELF has been successful at abating most every nagging physical and emotional symptoms. The ELF is 21st Century medicine, not practiced by 20th Century doctors. Actually, they would rather not know it exists. If they did, many would be out of business. I did not invent the methods used in the ELF, I am only a messenger and teacher of the most incredible system for physical and emotional healing on the planet today.


Q: How do I know if you are real?

A: You don't. And I don't know if you are. There has to be trusting among men someplace and I put my trust in you and you have to put your trust in me.


Q: How do I know you are not recording this on videotape?

A: The question is preposterous. I would have no reason to record your session. There are no hidden cams, voice tape recorders, one-way windows or any other perverted forms of spying.


Q: Is what you say at the Web site really true? Sounds almost too good.

A: Every word is absolutely true. I have not sensationalized, fictionalized or overstated anything to sell you. Every word has either been verified by my clients or is an exact description to being as close as I could make it. I would not have anyone drive here, and some men drive hundreds of miles, if it were not totally true. However, if when you come and you find something that is not as represented, tell me, and your Fantasy is at no charge. And I mean that. To this date, however, no one has found anything misrepresented. 


Q: Do you take special requests? 

A: Certain reasonable special requests are considered. We would have to discuss them. No requests are considered involving any sexual favors, anal/oral sex or kink such as bondage/blindfolds, foot fetishes, etc. I am not into hurt or any other things causing physical pain, abuse or damage to the body. Acceptable requests are time extensions, the extending of certain techniques, elimination of certain techniques, the addition of or incorporation of certain non sexual techniques or procedures not normally part of the body fantasy such as various healing techniques or emotional release processes. There may be others, Just ask.


Q: Do you take checks?

 A: No. Cash is the only form of payment. .A check or credit card would not be very discrete, would it?

Q: I'm a groaner. Is that OK?

A: Groaning and moaning is fine. I encourage clients to not lie still, yet to jump around, shout holler, bark at the moon, or whatever. I Put no restrictions on showing any kind of emotion including crying, if that emotion happens to arise. Just let yourself go, knowing you are in a very safe place, with someone who has seen it all, and understands very well what emotions men may have.

Q: Did you write the stuff at your Web site?

A: Yes, every word is mine.

Q: Are you OK with body jewelry?

A: Absolutely!. Nip rings, PA;s and c**k rings are fine

Q: I am a really big guy. Do you have a problem with big guys?

A: No!. I don't have a problem with any body style. You can weigh 98 or 498, I don't care. Every man is totally welcome. . 

Q: How come you are priced so low?

A: I have found over the years that it is better to charge a reasonable price than try to make $100 an hour. Personally I don't feel any service is worth $100 or more an hour, no matter what it is, but it's what the traffic will bear. Most of my clients travel long distances to get to this virtually unknown city in Wisconsin, and their travel expenses are quite high. I also have always been fair with people having been in sole proprietor businesses for 43 years, my customers have enjoyed my products and services and I have made a decent living. I don't need to rip you off by charging what everyone else does. I know I am about half what others charge, but that does not mean you get only half the service. Quite the contrary. You get extraordinary service at prices that don't kill your wallet.

Q: Do your reviews represent all reviews and not just the good ones?

A: Yes. Every review I have received has been posted exactly as written. I have not tossed any out because they were negative. I don't get many reviews, as I know most men don't normally share their experiences, but what I do get, I post, and only with the writer's permission. So what you read on the review page is honest and unedited except for possible spelling corrections. This site is dedicated to absolute honesty, and I would not put anything here that would deceive or otherwise be dishonest.

Q: Why are the dates between your reviews so long?

A: I would love to have every man write a review, but of the many men that visit me, only a small fraction actually write reviews. Because of this the dates between reviews can be lengthy. I don't have a firm answer to why more men don't write reviews, but my guess is it's because their experience is very personal, and many men just prefer to keep it that way. But, if you do visit me, and want to tell the world, then feel free to write a review.


Q: What do you think of gay marriage?

WARNING: My answer does not fit society's convention. Read at your own risk!

A: I violently oppose it. I don't oppose it on a moral basis, I oppose it on a philosophical basis. Once a couple asks the State to sanction their love, then the State controls that couple. Same sex couples have asked the State to sanction their love for each other thus making it legal in the eyes of the State. This is an absolutely immoral and anti-life request. Those states that have caved in to the pressure, now have the distinct privilege of dissolving that marriage should the marriage fail. This presents all kinds of problems to the couple, and they are bound to the horrible divorce laws, just as opposite sex couples, As I see it, when you ask the State to sanction love in the form of a marriage, you are asking for long term consequences. When you ask the State to sanction anything, you will struggle forever in their traps. Besides marriage is a manmade sacrament. By nature it is not required. The very idea goes against the true nature of man, which precludes his innate nature and binds him to manmade laws that often become impossible to live by, and quite often the partners live their lives in unhappiness and pain. The way I view the whole same sex things is, if you love someone, simply live with that person, and don't ask the State to grant special favors because you pay them for a license. The whole idea of government sanctioning a love is preposterous and perhaps even repugnant. 

Q: Do you offer a pick or drop off at one of the malls?

A: No. It is your responsibility to get to my location. I supply the directions, you have to drive here.

Q: Is what you do erotic?

A: That depends on your definition of erotic. It can be very erotic to some men, and lesser to others. Sensual touch has varying affects on men. If you are asking if it is a sex session, then the answer is, "no." Neither Eric or I engage in sex with our clients, nor do we look at what we do as a sexual experience, but as a truly staggering male experience. We are here to make you feel good. We are here to make you feel like a man should. We are not here as sexual objects, but as facilitators enabling you to achieve a maximum state of emotional health and well being.

Q: Is what you do legal?

A: To my knowledge I am not violating any laws either local or state. I meet every requirement of the Wisconsin State Statutes regarding what I do. It is not illegal to provide any kind of service one desires, whether it's school tutoring, piano lessons, or English lessons. I provide Body Fantasies for the pure pleasure of living. That cannot be considered illegal. There is no criminal intent, and in the 30 years I have been serving my clients with body touch modalities, not one complaint has ever been filed against me.

Q: Can I have Eric alone for a session?

A: I started offering Eric alone on March 16, 2012. You can have him in his two hour sensual fantasy.