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 Very experienced, but now retired hands

I have retired, but I am leaving my full bio at the site for historical reference.

I am 6'1, 160 pounds, brown thinning hair, blue green eyes, clean shaven, 33W, very smooth, not fat (lean). I have never smoked or even tried drugs in my entire life (no nothing!); am disease free and rarely drink. I am an early WWII baby, and that puts me into the very seasoned citizens category. If you know when WWII started, then you can do the math to figure my age. Of course, if you would prefer younger hands working on your body, then check out Eric. 

Since 1983 I have worked directly on and/or counseling people. This time consisted of extensive practice in a multitude of highly advanced body touching; healing and counseling methods. I have a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Counseling and a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering. I am now in my 21st year of offering my exclusive touch techniques only to men, with the first twelve of the thirty-three devoted to general healing/touching techniques and counseling. I started before various forms of body touch were accepted as valid or beneficial forms of healing by the conventional professions.

The Body Fantasy is my work only, and no one else's. I designed it, choreographed it and connected all the dots with the philosophy. To my knowledge, there is no one in the world that has invented a similar body touch process. The Body Fantasy is 100% self taught. I obtained the conceptual knowledge from the wisdom of notable pioneers and visionaries in alternative medicine, energy medicine and psychology and from others in the holistic health field. 

I have served my clients over three decades with several body healing modalities taken from the fields of Polarity Therapy, Reichian Therapy, Postural Integration (PI), Color Spectral Home therapy by Darius Dinshah, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure, Dr. John Ray's Body Electronics, Zonal therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), assorted forms of energy balancing techniques such as Reiki and several others. I have combined various elements or variations of those modalities into a two hour perfected integrated touch system I call the Body Fantasy. I have attended many dozens of holistic health seminars and alternative health training events, over a period of 15 year during the 80's and 90's eras, and I studied dozens of books, many which I had to get from lending libraries other than the local library, before the invention of the internet. My knowledge increased and evolved over a period of many years winding up finally as The Body Fantasy. In fact the Body Fantasy has proven to be so effective and so perfected, I have not modified any techniques or changed any musical selections since 2003. I would love to keep improving the technique, but I don't know where to go from this point. 

There is far more involved than only graduating from a conventional school of massage therapy, where one has been instructed to plop two hands on a warm body, then to push them around in a stoical schooled fashion, and reminded constantly to insure the drape doesn't skew off, and heaven forbid--exposing any anatomical features, proclaimed by society as taboo. Ugh....! So, what I do is the result of thousands of hours of research in a multitude of alternative touch and healing methods. Proper touch is a science of love, and tenderness, caring and skill. This science is not offered in any conventional massage schools. Every technique I have developed in the Body Fantasy is designed to take a man into a universe where nothing matters, where feelings and emotions can just let loose, where sexual energies seem to flow from nowhere, where one just floats off into space and stays there for two magnificent hours.

I am not a degreed or licensed massage therapist, massage technician, body worker, or psychiatrist. I don't profess to know anything about traditional massage therapy or any of its technique derivatives. I have not obtained any training from any traditional massage therapy school, nor am I schooled in any licensed health profession. I have never taken a course in conventional massage therapy, nor do I claim any knowledge of it.

You might say I am a backyard inventor, and enjoy inventing things that go beyond the box of conventionality. But, don't misunderstand me, I'm not opposed to conventional services, I just don't think it offers everything it could, as the body is a very complex and wonderful thing, and it takes something very special to make it feel really good, and I do just that in The Body Fantasy!

As with all fantasies, my ethics and protocols are enforced as are explained in the FAQ's and in the Disclaimer