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 Since Jim has retired this fantasy is no longer offered and is kept at this page for historical reference.
All the fundemental principles below are carried on by Eric.

I call this the Sensual Fantasy. It is devoted to celebrating your body, your maleness and your life. This Fantasy is open to all men who at sometime in their lives want the touch and caring of another man.

The Sensual Fantasy is orchestrated to evoke an intense high level of male body pleasure and is so powerful that your body will soar in and out of conscious awareness. You will have feelings streaming from nowhere and flooding the core of your central being. For two full hours your body will be taken on a journey way beyond your wildest dreams and anticipations.  

 Many men have deep desires and fantasies, and even fantasies that are hidden or perhaps are not consciously obvious. The Sensual Fantasy has the power to release some of those deeply hidden, or perhaps we should call them, subterranean desires, and before you know it you are propelled to a plateau beyond your most bizarre comprehension. Your whole body might tingle, and you might be taking breaths deeper than any you have ever taken in your life. You might find your body slithering around thrashing from side to side, your chest heaving and your vocal cords about ready to explode with a primal scream.  

 "Ah ha, a gay thing," you say? Well, if you are reading this for the first time or you don't know me, then let me put your mind at ease. This is not a "gay thing" but most aptly put: a truly staggering experience. You don't need to be tagged with a society label to enjoy my Sensual Fantasy. All men can enjoy the Sensual Fantasy. It's guaranteed to evoke pleasures into your body that you will remember for your whole life. This Fantasy is not to be taken lightly, or brushed off as just another ho hum male to male massage. No way!! It is the result of years of study in dozens of disciplines. The Sensual Fantasy is an applied montage of those disciplines that work adroitly to take you into the perfect state of emotional well being, and sustaining your body on a level you have most likely never experienced.

 The Sensual Fantasy is orchestrated around twenty five uniquely different music selections, totaling two hours. Each selection was carefully chosen to render within you, a consciousness, much the same as you might encounter with other art forms: a concretization of your sense of life. Not only will you hear and absorb each special and uniquely chosen song, but you will feel and experience the movement of my hands on your body in constant harmony to the cadence and rhythm of the music. These selections are so powerful that they can actually induce a state of trance-like stupor, a loss of context, of volition, and of self-awareness. Each song is so diversely different from the others that your body does not have a chance to become suspended in any one state. Your mind and spirit will travel through time soaring and diving as the narcotic effect thrusts into your emotions where it may evoke subconscious material-images, actions, scenes, actual or imaginary experiences, all of which seem to flow haphazardly, without direction, in brief, random snatches, merging, changing and vanishing like the progression of a dream. "I'm just BS'ing you?" No. This is what can happen. I have designed it to happen and if you let yourself go and allow it, the journey will be as promised. 


As with all fantasies, my ethics and protocols are enforced as are explained in the FAQ's and in the Disclaimer