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Red Links have male nudity. If you are under 18 or offended by male nudity, then click only on Green Links which are G rated.

These clips are provided for educational purposes only and are not pornographic. If you arrived at this page looking for porn, then you will not find it here. This is the full index of every clip that was included on the The Body Fantasy CD, that sold for $29.95 in 1999 - 2003, when it was discontinued. The Body Fantasy is a technique devoted to making a man feel good with a specialized form of touch. It is not about sex.

All clips here are in Flash Format and will not play on the Apple iPhone, or any device not equipped with a Flash Player. They are also not what you might call HD or even SD, possibly ULD would describe them best. They were recorded before the days of the pyramids, long before low cost digital cameras hit the consumer scene, so each clip was recorded using an old fashioned analog camera, and then we converted the tape images to something digital--an excruciatingly long process in 1998, using special conversion hardware and software. As I remember, from my caveman days, it sometimes took three hours to convert one clip to digital from analog. But, nevertheless, even being grainy and ultra low def (ULD for those of you who were wondering), you get to see the concept of Body Fantasy. I say concept, because that is about all that remains of the technique in place today. 

The clips represent the Body Fantasy as it was in 1998 at the time of filming. The liquid products and mechanical devices shown in the these clips have all either been discontinued due to product obsolescence or simply eliminated.

I have posted these videos for your viewing enjoyment, and should you make an appointment, the current technique will not be as depicted in these clips, since there have been major overhauls in the technique and many innovations have been added. What you will experience is something far beyond even what you see here. 

I do not appear in any of the clips, as I was the producer, director, writer, and camera guy. The young man on the table at the time of filming was 20 years old. The provider doing the Body Fantasy at the time was 23, and was also the technical director responsible for rendering the videos and providing all the technical integration to make the original training CD that was sold world wide beginning in 1999. He is also the voiceover narrator.