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A Really (Really Really) Taboo Subject

Since I (Jim) have retired, replace any reference to "I" with Eric who is carrying my tradition.

"Male touch" are two words that have been swept under the rug, or more precisely have been condemned in this society. The subject is just not PC (politically correct) but nevertheless is vitally important. Anyway, I have written a few thoughts here that you will not find anywhere else, and besides the subject not being "PC" it is just plain TABOO and no one writes very much or objectively about it. But, I have, so you will learn more in the next few minutes than you will learn in a lifetime about male touch.

In my 22 years of working exclusively with men, I have concluded there is a single major element either totally missing, or minimally existing in the lives of virtually every man, and that element is human touch. A titanic touch deprivation crisis exists in our society. Touch is vital to human survival in a happy state.

For centuries, "Civilized" societies have been steeped in an anti-touch morality -- the sources being numerous, but primarily religious. And sadly, in today's crazy world driven by lawyers, and politics, if you touch anyone in the workplace or for that matter anywhere else that society sets as off limits, it's automatically called sexual harassment and the toucher is treated as a potential criminal, and faces stiff sentences and even imprisonment. Touching has been, strangely enough, viewed by society as off limits, and certainly one must question the rational behind it. Apparently humans are not to show much affection for each other except only under certain conditions that are acceptable to society. 

The long term indirect consequences of this societal lunacy can lead to broken lives, broken homes, criminal tendencies, unrecognized source of stress, depression, and other mental and psychological conditions that men might encounter over the coarse of their lives. This tragic omission of sensual touch, which is virtually non-existent in the lives of the majority of men, leaves giant voids in his energy fields and a deficit in his overall emotional and spiritual health. It can leave him wandering from day to day, knowing something is missing from his life, but never really understanding its source. For whatever reason, men never received much touch from their fathers, mothers or anyone else. And if they did, most likely it was the wrong kind of touch, and may have even been associated with verbal abuse from a horrified parent screaming , "Don't touch that!" just about the time he was discovering what "that" was.

It may be astonishing to know that even married men are especially touch starved. The regrettable aspect is that most men associate male-to-male touch with being "gay," and consequently if they allow it to happen, or even think about its possibility, then they subsequently are tagged either by themselves, or by others, as "gay." This is total nonsense -- an unfortunate manifested consequence resulting from the belief systems of an intolerant society, which reflect back into the lives of the men who need and require touch from whatever the sources

Today's male is further inculcated with the universal societal command that he is supposed to live a sterilized monogamous life with a single member of the opposite sex. This may work for some men, as their basic individual nature may coincidentally align with that particular command, and he was fortunate enough to mate with a female partner having a similar alignment. This, however, is not always the case, nor is it even close to the norm. If the truth were actually known, and if the researchers asked the proper questions on their surveys, they might find it rarely happens. This societal command, among others that might be regarded just as organically repulsive, have stemmed mostly from manmade sources and the adherence to intolerant belief systems over the centuries, and do not necessarily harmonize with man's true nature. In fact, having to live your life in fear of not living up to these commands, and worst of all, to be labeled with a society tag if you don't live according to those commands, can cause mental, and even physical conditions ranging anywhere from stressful to traumatic. 

All men, by the Creator's design, are complex beings, as is everyone in the human race. Male sexuality spans the entire spectrum of desires, cravings and the need for love from whatever the source. Those human essentials can slip, skid, slide and skew around anywhere within the entire natural distribution of human desires, needs and relationships, and may be supplied or obtained from anyone's choice within the entire distribution of the human race. Those human necessities--the desire to seek them out or to satisfy them, do not merit a society label, and in fact labels are products of a sick society. I am not speaking of the criminal aspect for which criminal laws and punishments have been established, such as for the real crimes of rape, child molestation, etc. I am speaking only of those needs and desires or actions where there is no criminal activity or intent, and there is no victim.

Man-to-man touch, then, is a male thing and nothing more. You are male, you were born male, with male instincts and with the emotional makeup that allows a man to be a man and enjoy all its wonderful attributes. A man cannot ignore his proclivities or the desire to associate with, or to even intimately love some of those common to his gender. If he does he can subject himself to a life of denial, lies, misery and conflicts of incredible magnitudes. Some men might constantly alter, and perhaps reshape, their behavior in an effort to compensate for their state of denial -- always trying to prove to others, and themselves, that they are "normal," "straight acting," or even worse, "macho."

 Receiving a Body Fantasy can correct touch deprivation crisis, and I guarantee that you will not be touch starved when you leave. So expect to be touched, perhaps like you have never been touched before. My touch is not fake, but genuine as you will quickly discover.

 When you are with me, on my table, you are not just another client, but a warm tender and loving human being who wants nothing more in life than to feel good, loved, wanted and pampered. I might start very slowly but you may soon learn that my touch brings something into your body that perhaps you have never felt before. And that is my promise.

As with all Body Fantasies, all my protocols are strictly enforced as described in the FAQ page and the Disclaimer.