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These reviews started 6/13/2002.

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Email  posted in total by permission of writer, May 8, 2018

Dear Eric, 
I am going to  be processing yesterday‘s experience for some time, but for now , I wanted to give you some feedback. I came in both nervous and excited for my first man to man touch experience, like other men who have been served by you. From the very first touch, you made me feel at ease and honored and cared for.  From beginning to end, your touch invited me more deeply into joy, peace, self acceptance . I had prayed for an opportunity to get connected with my body in a new way, and for a deeper connection between my spiritual and physical selves. Everything you did led me further into that spiritual and physical wholeness. Your easy, self giving flow made clear what a loving servant of God you are, whether you are comfortable with that language or not! I am grateful for your loving presence coming into  this point of my journey. 
May you more deeply experience that joy, grace and Peace that you have so freely shared with me. 

Name and address withheld by writer request.

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, October 27, 2017

I just came back from a two hour session with Eric.  Amazing is all I can say.  He was very professional, explained things and checked with me during my time.  I felt comfortable the entire time. The music, the aroma, the hot stones and oils used - all I can say is I will be back! The male touch was incredible but safe and the entire area was clean and immaculate. If you are thinking about booking, you can't go wrong with either Jim or Eric. I met Jim and is very friendly and he taught Eric.  Thank you so very much for offering two hours of amazement and for the price - you will never experience anything like it!  You have got to give this a try.


Name  with permission

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, October 18, 2017

It's been too long. I visited in March but have been thinking of going back ever since. As a married man it's difficult, but lately I have been looking and decided it was time to post a review. WOW! I left after 2 hours with Eric and my head was spinning. The sensations I felt from head to toe and everything between were AMAZING!  The idea of a cost effective 2 hour rundown got me interested, and I was won over. It started with Eric pampering me that made me feel at ease early. Then my body trembled in anticipation for about 2 minutes. Once he really started my body calmed and I couldn't control myself. Jim is right, you moan, scream, everything. I was yelling and bucking around from the amazing sensations of Eric. Eric opened up things in me I had been hiding deep down. To sum up, the physical and mental stress relief was well worth it. I will hopefully be back soon, as my body and mind could use another break.

Name and address with permission

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, March 10, 2017

Hi Jim and Erik,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for a wonderful experience yesterday.  It was a pleasure meeting both of you.  Jim, you have your place fixed up so nicely.  Erik, you did a wonderful job.  I'm still feeling the effects of that massage yesterday, this morning.....that's a good thing!  I hope all is well.  Have a great weekend, both of you. 


Name and address withheld by writer request.

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, April 20, 2016


Hi Jim and Eric,
    Thank You for Saturday's session!  I haven't felt this free in all my life. You guys took me 10 or perhaps 20 miles past my 
comfort zone. A zone it would have taken a therapist years to get me to go in.  I didn't feel like you pushed me, but grabbed
both my hands and said let's go on a journey and guided me there.  I will admit I was so damn scared, but I felt safe with you.
  After I left Saturday I was in circuit overload.  I couldn't get my mind wrapped around what I had done. Normally at this point
the old me would have blocked it out and just pretended it didn't happen.  Not the "new" me.  I wanted to embrace it and own it.
    I was just trembling inside, but what you did was exactly what I needed to blast away all the crud, baggage, guilt, shame etc..
    Sunday I felt like I was a shaken snow globe and all the swirling snow was all the baggage I've carried all these 
years and when the snow settled to the ground very little stuck to me. I don't feel any shame, guilt, embarrassment etc.,
with what I did.  And, most importantly I'm not AFRAID!!
   I know my journey is just beginning, and I've got a lot of things to work on that I'll need your help with.  So, I'll be back again real soon!!
Probably sooner than you think.
Thank You So Much!
  PS.  One thing I forgot to mention is that for the first time in my life I can really truthfully say I like myself, and I would 
even venture to say I'm finding love for myself! WOW!!  I never thought that was ever going to be a possibility in this life.
I just can't explain the feeling I have about myself now.  There are no words to describe it, and if I had the words to 
describe it nobody would fully understand, but that's OK.  In my heart of hearts it's mine to cherish and nobody will ever 
be able to take it away.  The closest thing to it is, it is just sacred.


Name published with permission of writer

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, March 29, 2016


Undoubtedly, like many first-time visitors to Jim and Eric, I found myself nervous, excited, and apprehensive about what lay ahead and all of those sensations accentuated minute by minute and hour by hour as my timeslot drew nearer and nearer.
I'd be lying by omission if I fail to point out I even contemplated canceling my slot the day before.
To be sure, I had significantly injured my foot. 
I had a legitimate excuse.
It wasn't pretty and as such was medically off limits as far as the fantasy would be concerned.
Surely Jim would cancel and do me the favor of not doing so, right?
He left it up to me.
Jim was more than understanding and willingly accommodated my request to treat my right foot as a welcomed spectator to bear witness to the fantasy, but alas not take part in it.
So I went.
And every ounce of my body has been thanking me ever since the session ended.
Well, wait. 
That's a lie.
My right foot did no such thing and has bitterly complained at being (necessarily!) left out.
And I can't blame him.
To have a private box at the concert hall with the curtains closed was unfair enough. 
But not to be able to experience the ever developing cascading of what can only be described as symphonies of sensations coming at you from all four hands of Jim and Eric was down right torture for my out of commission foot.
Alas, you can't have it all, but at least I can most assuredly testify the rest of my body most certainly did - and more! - for two hours while blissful went by way, way too fast.
So how is the fantasy unique?
Think of any one area of your body and ask yourself how a typically trained masseur may work with that part. 
At best, you get one or two approaches from a traditional provider.
But, with Jim and Eric, you get at least a dozen different ways they interact with every part of your body and the choreography so precise, you'd think Jim was a soulful engineer with the insight and execution of a body poet.
And as advertised, the fantasy stimulates every aspect of your body and serves notice you are here for a celebration of your body and no where is that more true than in Jim's use of music.
Most new age masseurs over indulge in mystic or serene music intended to put you to sleep and relax.
But, Jim's choice of music - cleverly chosen to sync with what his hands are doing on your body - is here to wake you up to the full tsunami of feelings your body is capable of channeling.
Rest assured the fantasy has many serene moments wherein you want to fall asleep not because it is boring, rather because it is so extraordinarily good it puts you in a state of blissful ecstasy.
My only quibble with Jim is his usage of the word fantasy.
Sure, it was a fantasy before I went, but damn, what an amazing REALITY it became while I was comfortably perched atop his custom made table.
So regardless of your sexuality - I am what is conventionally known as "straight" and although I hate labels, I am only including my own to make this point - whether you are curious, bi or straight you should have no fears giving this amazing experience a try.
All too often as men, we are expected to be the performers and to live up to the 'slam, bam thank you ma'am' pressure of being male.
That wasn't the case with Jim and Eric at all.
I was just able to lie back passively (not submissively; big difference as Jim and Eric make it very clear you are in control at all times) and watch them play with my body to give me an incredible performance without any of the angst or burden of having to do so myself.
Lastly (although I could go on and on with my raves), Jim is a true intellectual and pity the person who is scared off by his age because they will have no idea what they are missing.
You can't fully appreciate all the fantasy is until you realize just how cerebral he is as a man (and an exception fit man at that).
For those of you who are smarter, Jim is Picasso and you'd be a fool not to experience firsthand his amazing artwork that indelibly becomes part of your body and whole being. 
And likewise, Eric is very much the prized apprenticed of the grandmaster and his own abilities far exceed those of every day type masseurs pleading for clients in Craigslist or Backpage.


Name and address withheld by writer request.

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, February 27, 2016


After a few years of looking at Jim's web page, I decided to give it a try.  I don't live nearby, and found myself within an hour drive while traveling for work.  I now wish I was in the area more often.  Every description on the website is is an experience like nothing you've ever tried before.  Rest assured, no part of your body is left unexplored and the end-result is more than satisfying.  My first experience was the 4-hand encounter, and it was very intense.  Don't hesitate to try it...just be prepared for a possible sensory-overload!  Jim is a very mature gentleman...his skill and sense of touch reflect years of dedication to refining the craft.  Eric is much younger, but has learned well from the master.  Age has never been an issue for me, and it truly doesn't matter in appreciating the body fantasy...but I know some of you out there may prefer one over the other.  Both Jim and Eric are truly dedicated to making you feel fantastic in a comfortable, non-judgemental, environment.  Don't waste time like I did...make an appointment now.




email address with permission of writer

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, September 15, 2015


After over a year since my last massage, I cannot say enough good things about the service that was provided last week. From the moment I entered the office, I was treated with respect, kindness and made to feel like the most important person alive. Everything I asked for was included in the fantasy and much more. I know Jim will tell you he is the older of the two, but he gave a 100% perfect session. As always the time went too fast, and as I was getting ready to leave I was planning how do I get here more often. You deserve to try their services, you need to try their services and you will feel more than rewarded when you do experience their services. Life is too short, but this place really makes you feel like your living life to the fullest!



Email  posted in total by permission of writer, May 15, 2015


Today I had a two hour session with Eric. I will tell you that it will never be the last session that I will have with him. I will have many more in the future, I am quite sure.  The entire time I was so relaxed and I certainly felt much much better at the end. The entire experience was very professional. The music the lights completely dictated the mood and that mood was very relaxing.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to take a two hour vacation schedule an appointment with Eric.


Name and address withheld by writer request.


Email  posted in total by permission of writer, January 3, 2015


Dear Jim and Eric,
Thanks very much for the amazing session last night. It's taken me all of today to even start to get my head around everything you did for me. It was such a safe, sensual and stimulating experience- very profound. I know it's the result of many years of thoughtful refining and mastering your techniques, and I am very happy to have had the experience of both of you working together.
I look forward to the next time I can schedule a session, and congratulations on the 20 year mark!
All best and thankfully.

Name and address withheld by writer request.

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, October 27, 2014

Drove over 4 hours one way to experience a total surrender to male touch massage. Was looking for a place to relax, to let the world's rules on male touch be forgotten, to let go of my jobs stress and simply be connected to another male who understand the need for touch. I found total acceptance of my needs, a warm relaxing room with exciting videos and someone who understood me. Skilled hands, warm lotion and the most relaxing 2 hours I have had in over 12 months. I also have a major pain in my lower back which Jim worked on and here I am a day later still feeling good. I will be back and recommend everyone checking out this site, book your appointment now with either Eric or Jim.


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, October 20, 2014

About two weeks ago I visited Jim again for the Sensual Fantasy. I have been trying to find words to share with you but after writing three previous reviews, I can't think of anything new to add.
Jim is a very talented man. He knows and understands the male body. Because of that, the Sensual Fantasy is just that, sensual, but it is also invigorating, relaxing, renewing, and it is even healing. I would heartily recommend this wonderful experience of touch to any of you who are doubting your male-ness, and are as some say "touch starved". This experience will bring you to a new awareness of just who you are, and as I said, for many it can be a very healing experience.
Read the website in its entirety, it's all true, then go and treat yourself to a fantasy of touch.

email by  permission of writer.

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, October 18, 2014

First it was Jim. Excellent. Then it was Eric. And then some. My fantasy should be the two of them in tandem, trying new and different things on me. Right, I'd be the test dummy. I can't wait til the next time. I hope it isn't a year again.

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, July 1, 2014

Thank You again Jim for a wonderful body fantasy! You taking special care in making this a relaxing and pressure releasing two hours has been great. I especially enjoyed the great leg massages. Hoping to get another fantasy before the end of the year.

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, December 26, 2013

After visiting this web site on and off for a few years, I finally decided to make an appointment. I saw Eric a couple weeks ago, and the visit was as advertised. The room is very comfortable and warm. The video screens and music was very relaxing and timed well with the different touches Eric applied. I was pretty nervous at first, but Eric's touch was caring and felt great, putting me at ease. The two hours went by very quickly and at the end I was completely relaxed. I definitely recommend setting up an appointment--you won't be disappointed.


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, September 20, 2013

What can I say? It was a most memorable 2 hours. The graphics and the music backgrounds were complete genius. Jim was as advertised. Maybe even BETTER. I am gearing up for the four-hand with Jim and Eric. But I should have my heart checked first.


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, August 8, 2013

Recently retired, a weeks vacation and only one thing remained to finish off the celebration - a visit to Jim for the ultimate in touch - The Sensual Fantasy. Having written four reviews already, its hard to find something different to write about. Prior to my visit I reread Jim's website (which has as received a manly overhaul - nice job Jim) The section on touch seemed to stick out and it was during my session that it came back to me - TOUCH is what's it all about. It's what so many of us males need in our lives. In this well planned two-hours you are touched in almost 25 different ways - from your nose to between your toes. True, some of the touch resembles massage but it is so much more - it is the pampering touch of a very caring individual who so understands male anatomy and the meaning of "male-ness". This feeling is all conveyed through Jim's strong hands. I opted for extra time for some intimate manscaping which Jim provided very easily. That alone is a sensual experience, well worth giving it a try...besides that it looks and feels great. I repeat myself again when I say, I sure do wish I lived closer. It was worth the road construction, tolls, and traffic in the 4 hour drive. I hope I can do a repeat sometime in the future. Thanks again Jim.

J (email with permission of writer)

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, May 18, 2013

I had my first fantasy yesterday with Eric, wasn't sure exactly what to expect however if you've read the information on the website and you are now reading reviews, it is exactly as Jim says it will be!

Enter into the experience with an open mind...make it what you want it to be and relax. From the moment you begin until you've finished, it's relaxing, invigorating and peaceful.

I am very glad that I decided to treat that I've had my first experience I will definitely be going again. Jim and Eric both accommodated my requests and Eric took that time to allow me to open up and simply experience what I needed to experience.

I can't say anything other than to allow yourself the wonderful opportunity Jim and Eric are giving us as men to simply "feel" in a non-judgmental and open environment...go for it, you'll be glad you did.

Chet (email with permission of writer)

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, May 12, 2013

Thank you Jim, you made me feel like a king on your table. I felt relaxed during my whole massage experience, enjoyed the manscaping that you offered also. I have to agree with you that this a great "man thing" and will definitely be enjoying another one later in the year.
Thanks again and WOW!


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, November 27, 2012

I had a fantasy session and I never felt so alive afterwards. I was comfortable with the male masseur. I will be setting up another session in the future. I recommend other men to experience these sessions.


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, August 29, 2012

I had the four hand two hour body fantasy just last Saturday and let me say, WOW! I am forever sad that I can't experience that every day! Jim and Eric were loving and careful and seemed to read my every need. I have trouble letting go and they were able to let me experience the ultimate in "It's all about me!" That I have so longed for in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Needless to say, when I am back in the area, I will be requesting that they work over all my areas again!

David (email with permission of writer)

Review  posted in total by permission of writer, May 22, 2012

I've had a number of Body Fantasy experiences over the past five years. I've experienced three of Jim's assistants during that time. The present assistant, Eric, is my favorite. He is both gentle and hot. I was pleased when he began offering the two hour solo fantasy for $85. I've been with him twice in the past couple months. He knows the routine that Jim has made so famous; but he is also open to suggestions which I appreciate. Of course, I give him a tip because the price is soooo low. Eric does not practice ageism. I'm 65+ and he makes me feel so young. Schedule an appointment with Eric. You will not be disappointed.


Review  posted in total by permission of writer, October 8, 2011

email address used with permission of writer.


It is said that wine gets better with age - so does Jim's Sensual Fantasy.  This is by no means to imply that Jim is old - I have no idea of his age - but he is forever young in his ideas and skills and that's all that matters.   This is my fourth review and I still find an excitement, a newness and extreme pleasure from Jim's work.  It just gets better and better, and with the possibility of manscaping service, he has turned even that into the most pleasurable and sensual of experiences.


I'm 67, yet he makes me feel so alive as he nurtures and awakens every inch of my body with his touch.  As Jim states on his website, many men are touch-starved.  If that is you - do not hesitate to visit Janesville.  It's worth the trip.  I drive over four and a half hours each way to spend 2 unbelievable hours on his table.  You will not find a more caring and sensitive male, at least I haven't.  His hands and senses tune in to your body - as if his fingers, hands, arms, just know where to go and what to do.  he doesn't overpower you with talk, he allows you and enables you to just let go, to drift off into another world with his specially selected music and warm room atmosphere.  You feel sensations like you have never felt before warm, hot, smooth, long, brisk, short, erotic - enjoy!  Just enjoy every one of them.


I don't know what more I could say without a detailed description of each part, but that would spoil everything - because part of the fantasy is not knowing what comes next and being open to the experience.  At the end (which comes all too soon) you can not help but feel that "I am healed", "I am whole", "I am connected, refreshed, renewed."  The glow will last sometimes for days. As stated before, I wish I didn't live so far away.


KS   < >


PS: Thanks Jim, for keeping the Body Fantasy an affordable experience !

Email  posted in total by permission of writer, September 28, 2011


Note: This was a special Fantasy arranged between my two assistants for this client who traveled 500 miles one way to experience it. This was the first time my two assistants ever worked together to provide a client this very special four hand fantasy, without me:

Dear Jim, I would like to thank you once again for my latest fantasy Sunday.  It was awesome, awesome, awesome!  Thank you for letting me have both Eric's.  I can still feel the touch of Eric one and OMG you are right about his smile. And, what can I say about Eric Two, the fur bear, love him, love him, love him.  I do have one request.  I have Eric 2's email address and will send him a personal thank you, but I don't have Eric 1's email address and would like to send him a personal thank you as well.

Thanks again



Review  posted in total by permission of writer, May 24, 2011


I am heading back to Wisconsin for another summer.  Each year the Body Fantasy is part of the experience, at least two times.  I cannot begin to describe not only the pleasure that is experienced, but the joy and wholeness of being a man.  Like Jim's write-up says it is not about labels of orientation or society standards, just a wonderful venture into the joy of being a male human being who needs to be touched by another man.




Email posted in total by permission of writer, February 22, 2011


Jim & Eric,

I made it home ok.  roads were not that bad, but was glad to slide into the garage at home!  I really had a wonderful and unique experience with both of you.  My time with you was unequalled for the opportunity it gave me to finally explore a side of me long imagined, but unrealized.  Thank you for the night of my far!



Email posted in total by permission of writer, August 25, 2010

THANKS for another outstanding session, can't wait to return.  Eric is great by the way. Wondered if anyone could replace the first Eric but this guy is doing well.

NW Iowa Guy

Email posted in total by permission of writer, June 3, 2010

Dear Jim,

I would like to THANK you and Eric once again for the AWESOME fantasy.  With your powerful and skilled hands and the fur bear (Eric) ! <---------what a team you make!!!  My imagination of the fantasy that I was thinking of receiving was only about 10% of what I really got!!  The two of you were fantastic.  So, instead of  daydreaming of the fantasy (which I'm doing a lot of), I would like to do another fantasy.  I am thinking maybe in October.




Email posted in total by permission of writer, May 7, 2010



Eric is amazing.  I'm still feeling the afterglow of my session with you two on Tuesday.  I've never felt some of those things before!



Email posted in total by permission of writer, April 18, 2010


Whew - Jim - - - - what an experience.  Never experienced  anything close
to my time with you and Eric this afternoon.  What can I say but - thanks!
I think my prostate is still vibrating and sending me waves of pleasure.


Review posted in total by permission of writer, April 16, 2010


If you are thinking about scheduling a Sensual Fantasy, and are wondering if all the information on the website is true - may I assure you it is. With that said, the Sensual Fantasy is nothing like any massage you have had in the past. For all that matters, the word massage doesn’t even begin to describe it. Yes, there are some elements that feel like massage but that is about where the definition falls apart. It is an experience, an adventure in male touch. From head to toe you will experience the widest variety of touch you have ever felt or dreamed possible. If you opt for the 4 hand version just multiply everything by 2. Once you enter the warm and pleasant room, and lay down on the table you are transported to another realm, a realm of pleasure as you experience the touch of one (or two) very caring individuals who know how to bring great sensual pleasure to the male form. All you have to do is simply enjoy what your senses are telling you. Special lighting, music, oils, and other surprises await your enjoyment all choreographed into a what can only be called your fantasy come true. This is not a 60 minute special, but a full two hour pampering that you will be dreaming about for days to come. The fantasy is an absolute bargain at less than what you would pay for one hour of massage with many individuals. What you receive is pure quality worth every bit and more. I traveled again over 4 hours to experience this fantasy (this wasn’t my first by any means) I only wish I were a little closer. It is worth the trip, especially if you are anywhere near Janesville.  


Review posted in total by permission of writer, April 13, 2010


Just wanted to drop a note of welcome to the new Eric, he is a great addition to the team and service that Jim provides. I would highly recommend you give his hands a try the next time your looking for a massage. Today was great, I went in highly stressed and left so relaxed all I wanted to do was take the day off. Funny how I swear time stands still when I am with these guys, I am sure it was longer than 2 hours. But when I looked at the clock it was just a bit over. Great way to spend 2 hours of a busy life. I hope to return again soon.




WOW. If I thought I was aware of all of my erogenous zones, was I mistaken.  The BODY FANTASY experiences have taken me to heights of pleasure that I never believed existed or that my senses were able to comprehend.  The different BODY FANTASY choices have taken me to out of body eroticism that initially I was not prepared for.


Jim began my journey about 14 years ago with his advanced massage techniques.  He seemed to analyze and assess every inch of my body for any and all of my erogenous zones and then played them like a fine tuned violin.  This music to my body was indescribable pleasure.  My body assimilated and soaked up Jim's sensuous touch like a sponge.  I was hooked!


If I thought my level of pleasure had reached its pinnacle, I was mistaken.  The BODY FANTASY 4 Handed experience is double the pleasure  of the 2 handed massage. Every fiber of my erogenous nerve endings are explored and played like an orchestral arrangement by the hands and fingers of two trained, experienced masseuses, Jim and Eric.


And, now for some diversity, Jim is offering Eric for a solo 2 Handed experience.   His red, furry covered body with his youthful sexual energy is transmitted for another truly different BODY FANTASY experience. Eric models Jim's attention to erotic male pleasure. 


My personal BODY FANTASY expectations are hard to describe adequately. I am so thankful for being exposed to this degree and level of pleasure in my lifetime.  I look forward to more opportunities to renew this "out of body fantasy."



Review posted in total by permission of writer. December 6, 2009


Thanks to both of you Jim and Eric for a truly wonderful and relaxing massage.  I can not begin to tell you how great I felt afterward and I really can not thank you enough.



Review posted in total by permission of writer. October 26, 2009


Just a quick note of thanks for the great massage. It was nice to see you both again and as always I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the world. Your services are truly a treat and every guy should experience your magic hands.  Thanks for helping me to drift off and find some peace in a stress filled life.  I hope to see you again real soon.





Review posted in total by permission of writer. July 2, 2008



Just unbelievable wow......... I have never felt so good in my life.  Wanted the time to stand still the time went so fast. The four hands is really the way to go.....  soooooooo  nice. thanks guys....

Alan (address used by permission)

Email  posted in total by permission of writer. 05/20/2008 

Subject: Review for  Posting



     You may feel free to post this if you want.


     I want to write up my reasons for coming to you, my goals, how your experience is different, and how the results are different.  I want to express how important what you do can be for clients like me and why I believe other men would benefit from this.


     I am a 45 year old happily married man and father.  I am an accomplished business executive and religious.  As a child, I learned to please my parents, teachers, and creator.  As an adult, I have learned to please my employers and customers.  When I became married, I learned to please my wife and children.  However, I am realizing that I never learned to please myself or allow my receiving pleasure to come first.  Even when having sex with my wife, as any gentleman would, I place her receiving pleasure as a prime goal.  I want to learn to receive pleasure and to be pleased.


At the same time, society has spent decades attempting to get males to be less dominating.  Society says we should be less male.  In some areas, even urinating standing up is now considered a bad form of male domination.  We are not sure how we are supposed to react and being male almost seems dirty.  I want to learn to love and appreciate myself as a male.


I believe that I am having my version of the mid life crisis that many men have.  In an attempt to learn to love themselves as men and receive pure pleasure, other men may then find some bimbo to please them.  However, this tears apart their families leaving them feeling ashamed of themselves, degraded, and alone. 


I am not interested in tearing apart my family and spending the rest of my life feeling like a horribly selfish person.  As a result, I am not interested in a physical relationship with a woman.  I am also not interested in anything that seems like a physical relationship.  It could leave me feeling ashamed and conflicted.


I am also not interested in having sex with a man.  The scriptures forbid sex with a man and I am religious.  The language is clear on what is forbidden. 


I have tried receiving massage therapy.  However, many of the therapists are paranoid about draping.  They are afraid that they might see an anal cleft, a pubic hair, or even worse, genitals.  As a result, they spend a lot of time draping, carefully undraping, and re-draping that lessens the pleasure and adds to the conflicted feelings.


I went to a spa in Chicago that specializes in serving men.  I thought this would be different.  It was not.  The therapist was extremely paranoid.  When working on my gluteus muscles, he kept much of my buttocks covered, and he barely touched the outside halves for fear of what he might see or touch.  It certainly did not leave me feeling right as a male.  It also was not much of a massage.


Then I found Jim and his body fantasy.  Jim has a whole setup designed to enable a male to relax and feel comfortable.  Jim is not afraid to see or touch anything.  In fact, Jim’s touching everything and enabling the male to feel comfortable, relaxed, and pleasure all over his body is Jim’s primary goal. 


Jim is also a married man.  He is also not interested in anything that would undermine his marriage.  I think this helps him relate to other married men such as myself.  It also makes the experience feel safer that it will not turn into a sordid sexual encounter.


Jim has designed a room for receiving pleasure that is not obscene but very comfortable and fun for a male.  The right mix of temperature, humidity, and lighting that enable one to realize that the whole experience has been designed so that a male can really feel great.  Everything, including the design of Jim’s unique table is designed so a man will be comfortable and be able to experience great relaxing pleasure.  The setting is truly amazing.


Jim remains clothed the entire time.  Scripturally speaking, the homosexual contact that is forbidden is anal intercourse and possibly oral sex.  Nothing that Jim does come close to either. There is no reason for a religious person to have any guilt feelings.


This is why when one reads Jim’s frequently asked questions, he makes certain things clear.  There is no mutual touching or sharing.  No one can watch someone else receive a treatment.  Anything that interferes with learning to relax and receive pleasure interferes with the treatment.    


I have incorporated Jim’s treatments into my fitness program.  I am attempting to lose weight to be healthier and feel better.  Thanks to Jim, I am no longer attempting to lose weight to look better.  As I lose weight and feel I deserve a reward, I go to Jim to receive that special reinforcement. 


As a middle aged man that wants an experience where I can be a MALE, relax, and receive real pleasure, Jim’s body fantasy is without equal.  I believe that Jim’s body fantasy is the true answer to the male midlife crisis.  For me, Jim offers the truly liberating experience I want.  I recommend his body fantasy for all mid life men wanting to have the same personal growth.  I have been to Jim twice now and plan to earn the right go regularly.


P.S.  When I lose two more inches, I plan on rewarding myself with the four hand experience with Eric. 



Email  posted in total by permission of writer. 03/16/2008 

Subject: Thank you (4 hander)


Hi Jim,


I wanted to send a short note thanking you for such a wonderful session today!  I hope you realize that you (and Eric) have made a big difference in my life and I greatly appreciate that.  Your sessions have an amazing effect on me, which I perceive as a clarity on life.  It's a feeling of being healed.  They are also just a lot of fun, with feelings and sensations that I didn't even know were possible.   Anyway, I feel great!   


It was very nice meeting Eric. He is so nice, very talented and cute!  I hope to be able to visit both of you again in the summer. I already look forward to it.


Take care,


Email  posted in total by permission of writer. 12/24/2007 

Subject: Review


Jim's body fantasy is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only does it feel great, it clears your mind and gives you a fresh start.  I have been on the fantasy table a few times now and travel a distance to get there. It is well worth it every time. Jim and Eric both have very skilled hands that make you feel comfortable. They truly make the session special. Keep up the great work.



Email  posted in total by permission of writer. 12/05/2007 

Subject: Dear Jim and Eric: 


What a crazy year it's been!  I had the great fortune to see the two of you twice this year (May and August) but yet I am just now finding time to offer a review of my two visits.  I am hoping my endorsement, if you will, of the Body Fantasy experience will cause other men to get on-line and book their appointments NOW.


For those of you reading this please understand that you need to dispense with "labels".  The Body Fantasy is not a "gay" experience and it's not a "sexual" experience.  It is, simply and completely, a MALE experience.  U.S. society would have us believe that it is wrong for men to touch other men.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  One thing I say, over and over and over again, that it takes a man to know how a man NEEDS to be touched.  Just as we as men know those places on our bodies that we like to have touched, it takes another man to touch you in those places for you to experience a whole new level of pleasure.  (And while I have had plenty of therapeutic massage by female service providers, their touch, while wonderful, is not the same as when I relax and let a man touch me the same way.) 


To that end, gentlemen, it's time for you to book your appointment and revel in all that is the Body Fantasy.  I've been visiting Jim about twice a year since 2002.  I travel from my home in New Mexico all the way to southern Wisconsin primarily to enjoy the Body Fantasy.  I have had erotic massage here in New Mexico, as well as Arizona and Texas, but nothing comes close to that which is the Body Fantasy experience. 


I always book the 4-hander and every time I undress and get on the table Jim and Eric both tell me, "This is all about you."  Jim and Eric are generous with their touch and their time; you experience an entire TWO HOURS on the table.  TWO HOURS!  Even the best massage I get elsewhere only lasts 60 to 90 minutes.  And the entire two hours are focused on you.  They will leave no part of you untouched and you WILL leave feeling better than when you walked in.


Jim refuses to put labels on people.  He does not care if you're gay, straight, bi- or even none of the above.  The only thing he cares about is that you're a man who wants to experience the beauty of male touch.  I am not currently pleased with the physical shape I'm in, but in the studio with Jim and Eric I feel safe, warm, loved and attractive. 


I have found (and continue to find) Jim and Eric to be thoroughly professional, eminently trustworthy and totally discreet.  It is my hope that I will be under their very warm and caring hands sometime after the first of the year.


I offer this unsolicited testimony for your review.  I incur considerable expense to travel to Wisconsin to experience the Body Fantasy and I wouldn't go to the trouble if I didn't feel it was worth it.  It is such an incredible value for the money, especially considering how wonderful you'll feel during the fantasy and after. 


If you have any questions about the Body Fantasy that I can answer for you, feel free to email me at the address below.  Be sure to put "Body Fantasy" in the subject line so I can give your message prompt attention.


And to Jim and Eric, thank you for making me feel great.  And thank you for being great men.


Now gentlemen, go forth and book your Body Fantasy today.  You won't regret it.


Very Truly Yours,




Review posted in total by permission of writer. November 13, 2007

Having read the site over and over, was not sure if what I read was the real experience I would receive.  Both Jim and Eric were welcoming and made me feel safe right off the bat.  Having Eric help me undress started the whole different level of male caring along with male touch.  From the moment of entering the room and feeling the warmth envelope you along with all the different lights and sights.  I knew this would be a different experience from the other massages I have received all over the world.  I have a bit of trouble relaxing and letting things just happen, but from 10 mins into the massage I was lost into a different world.  Not sure where I went for two hours but it was wonderful and overwhelming.  The lotions, the heat, the textures, the experience can't be fully described, but everyone should try it at least once.  I have never had such a relaxing and refreshing massage in my life.  I was able to leave with a bit less emotional baggage, ready to take on the world. So read the site, rest assured that it will be greater then you can imagine and let yourself book that appointment.  I will be planning many more sessions in the future.  I went for the 4 hander and signed the release for the full session. all I keep thinking!  Thanks Jim and Eric for the great session.



Email  posted in total by permission of writer. 11/12/2007 

Subject: Thank you Jim and Eric!


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it could be THAT good.  Thank you seems grossly inadequate, but I have no other words.  The two of you are simply an unbeatable team.  I feel soooooooo good!

Email 11/08/2007 Posted in total by permission of writer.

       Jim, I cannot thank you enough. It was fantastic. The next time I am going to try the 4 handed. I am also sending you the e-mail I sent to 3 of my friends that I think would love to experience your massage. Thanks again it was great.    Mark


 I found this guy in Janesville Wisconsin that does massage. I was there the other day and it was unbelievable.  I never in my life experienced such a thing. Everything in his website is true. The time went by so fast and when he was done I felt wonderful. Everything about it was fantastic. The room, music, and how he touched you. Sometime it was with warm stone that he would rub on you, sometime it was this hot oil that felt just fantastic, he even used feathers. When he massaged you it was wonderful. You should really try it you would love it.  I just can't say enough about what I experienced yesterday. The room was so inviting even warm (88  degrees). His massage bed was comfortable and his touch was unbelievable. Look at his website, everything in there is true. GO YOU WILL LOVE IT.  He is also a great guy. Yes I will be going again!!!! . I still cannot believe that experience. I will send you the website. Let me know what you think,  Mark


email address given by permission of client

Review posted in total by permission of writer. October 1, 2007


I did not see any recent reviews, so want to chime in. I have indulged in your erotic massage twice and hope to again. Absolutely wonderful! If I lived closer, I would hire you much more frequently. If I have ANY complaint, it is that you also don't get naked. That would be a greater turn-on. But, even clothed, you give a great massage AND a terrific erotic experience. I am hoping to use your services again later this month on my way to or from Chicago.



email address given by permission of client


Review posted in total by permission of writer. September 12, 2007


I had my first four hander last weekend, and it was a synchronized masterpiece. Eric and Jim were so gentle and in tune with each other that I couldn't tell one from the other. I highly recommend trying the four hander. Guys, you're awesome! I'm truly grateful for all that you did.


Email 07/03/2007 Posted in total by permission of writer.

Follow-up on the  ELF


Hello Jim,

I just thought I would let you know how everything is going since the ELF.  Things are still going great.  My mind is still clear of the issues we have resolved with the ELF.  Even if I try to think of them, I can't.  Your treatment really does work.  Costa Rica was amazing and meeting the audiences afterward went well.  One person even said my playing was very "machismo with a lot of passion" and I just accepted it with no turning away.  I can actually face people now. 
I hope you are doing well.  I had one person email me about the ELF and he said he is coming to see you this week.  I hope you receive more clients for this. 
Well, I just thought I would check in. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I will be contacting you soon for another Sensual Fantasy.  Thanks again. Take care.


email address given by permission of client

You may contact Thomas direct if you would like to talk to this client

Review posted in total by permission of writer. June 6, 2007

About the ELF


I recently had the ELF Body Fantasy.  Guys, if you are looking for a break through and a clearing of bad energies, memories and things that have been holding you back from living a happy life, I highly recommend getting one of these. Over the years I have held onto a lot of things, and what Jim does in the ELF, opened me up and got rid of a lot of pain and suffering, and I a happier person today.  It feels like a 10,000 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I am thinking clearer than I ever have, and I can sleep the night through. I now smile more than ever with a great outlook on life. I have been to therapists, counselors and the such with no help, but what Jim did to me in 2 hours time is the most amazing thing that I have done for myself. If you want to smile, breathe and be happy in life, get an ELF. You won't regret it. THANKS JIM!!!



email address given by permission of client

You may contact Thomas direct if you would like to talk to this client


Email 12/03/2006 Posted in total by permission of writer.


Dear Jim and Eric,

Thank you for one of the best days that I have had in a long time. The session was out of this world and I enjoyed every minute of it. There will be a much shorter span between fantasies that I can be sure of. Again thanks for everything. I am still in another world.

Words cannot explain how I feel. You both are great and once again I had a wonderful experience.

As ever,


Review from the Body Fantasy Web Site server, 4/04/2006

Yes, this is all real and Jim is a very real, conscious, and gifted soul in providing this work for men. His studio is perfectly prepared and perfectly safe.  He honors what he does and he will honor your needs.  For any of you men, and I really believe it is probably most of us, who are or have been touch-deprived, this experience transcends the therapeutic. There is nothing sick or kinky going on here . . . just a respectful, needed service by a man who knows where you've been and knows what you need.  He has been there himself. It was one of the best gifts I could have given to myself.  If you even remotely think that you could benefit from this experience - you will - so just go for it.



Email 1/15/2006 Posted in total by permission of writer.


Hey Jim,

Well, what can I say? A fantastic experience. I was thinking about it on the drive home and I think that what made the 4 Hand Sensual Fantasy such a wonderful experience - at least for me – was the amount of attention that was given to me and in return, I did not have to do anything other than lay there and enjoy! The 2 Hand Sensual is great also, don't get me wrong, but having 4 hands.... well, let's say at times it was a bit of a sensory overload! But highly enjoyable for sure.

And Eric. You were right. He is absolutely adorable. He smiles at you with that shy, yet inviting smile and you just want to put him in your pocket and run away with him. You have obviously trained him well, but I think there is some natural talent there too. A terrific find.

I want to thank Eric too, so please tell him that I really enjoyed meeting him and obviously enjoyed his contribution to the Fantasy.  He put me at ease from the start, as you have always done, and as you've told me before, his touch is wonderful. He is a terrific addition to your offerings. I hope I made as good impression on him as he did on me.

So, once again, thank you for a truly unique, sensual, and completely enjoyable experience. I'll look forward to seeing you both again.


Email 11/23/2005 Posted in total by permission of writer.


Thank you for the ultimate experience. My Body Fantasy session was everything I hoped for and MORE! Your attention to detail and the seemingly endless surprises made for a most memorable session. The room, the music, the scents, and the lighting made my experience very special. You are to be commended for making my male fantasies come alive!



Email 7/16/2005 Posted in total by permission of writer. This is not a review, but a testimonial to the power contained the Body Odyssey.


(Note the Body Odyssey has been replaced by the ELF)


Hello Jim,


I hope this finds you doing very well. I have been meaning to write you and let you know what has happened since the 1st round Body Odyssey. I know it's been a few months since I have been on your table and I am needing to get there one of these days. My life has done a 180 since I was there. You did something to me that night that has helped me change for the better. I made the decision to move to Chicago and start finding more of myself and see what is out there for me instead of living in a lot of misery in Madison.  I do love and miss Madison, but I really think I needed a larger city to help me. I am currently looking for employment but doing temp work, but surviving. I am still in the settling stage since I have only been here about 7 weeks.  I have never felt better about myself and my changes in a long time. I really want to thank you for that. You really opened me up that night and took some of my pain away. I sense there is some pain still there and I can't wait to get to your table again for phase II. I just wanted to update you on my goings on. I hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying it. It goes by fast. I hope to be on your table in the next month or two and I will email you when I can get there. Again, THANK YOU..... for everything. I am a new person and a lot happier with it. Talk to you soon. Take care!! Warmest wishes..



Email 6/30/2005 Posted in total by permission of writer.


I am sending this letter to you to say thank you for the relaxing massage. It was more than I expected. Too bad I had to leave the comfort. I will surely make arrangements for future sessions.


Emails 6/28/2005 Posted in total by permission of writer. Same person wrote both.


To Jim:


Superb, fantastic and exceeded all of my is THE BEST!!!! Many thanks....wrote to Karl...told him I was almost ready for four hands....! *grin*


To Karl:



Name withheld

Instant message conversation 6/5/2005, edited for brevity but with all comments worded exactly as they were. Posted by permission.


My opening greeting)

My Client [6:15 A.M.]: Good morning Jim...still glowing

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:16 A.M.]: and already referred a couple guys to you

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:18 A.M.]: I have saved your web site to share with those interested

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:21 A.M.]: wish I could afford to come back once a week

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:25 A.M.]: I love the way you recognized my sensual reaction to manipulating my nips...sends me up immediately

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:27 A.M.]: You had me groaning from the start to the finish

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:28 A.M.]: as advertised...and actually....such a pleasant thing to just lay back and pressure...just solid sensual delight from beginning to end...fabulous

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:29 A.M.]: I have never experienced such totally relaxed ecstasy....felt a little guilty...for one second ...LOL

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:30 A.M.]: You have a way of spoiling the client...I hate the word client because I never felt like a client lying there...

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:31 A.M.]: You make a man feel like he deserves this special corner of bliss you share

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:31 A.M.]: and I will be returning for me

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:32 A.M.]: you truly do cater to a man's needs

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:33 A.M.]: I never felt uncomfortable for a second

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:39 A.M.]: I was so relaxed all day yesterday also...I mean it took all of the stress out of me

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:42 A.M.]:
the way you synchronize to the music is also great, had me gyrating along with the mood
(My IM Comments)

My Client [6:43 A.M.]: it's almost tribal....and spiritual

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:43 A.M.]: at the same time

(My IM Comments)
My Client [6:43 A.M.]: if you need any...and I mean any referrals...have them contact me...

(My IM Comments)
Sign off……


His Email 6/04/2005: Damn...Jim...The pleasure was I have ever close seconds either.

Thanks again for an experience I am sure to repeat...and you can quote me on that !!


Email 6/30/04, posted in total by permission of writer.


I am a 68 year old retired professional. I was looking for a unique experience and found it on Jim's web site. After reviewing the detailed material provided, I decided to go for a "Body Fantasy" session. Jim got right back to me with a confirmation email. His studio is located in his home. He has it arranged so that you are immediately at ease in
comfortable surroundings.  The two hour session just flew by. It was the most caring and yet stimulating experience I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Jim's attention to detail is awesome. What a loving and caring man. I have gone to other massage therapists, but none of them can approach Jim's talent. I was now ready to try the Sensual Fantasy and scheduled a session with Jim. The two hour session was every bit of what it was advertised as. I have not experienced such sexual highs in many years. Jim was able to bring it all back. I am glad I have had the experience of Jim's love and caring touch. He has a real talent putting you at ease and yet bring you to the ultimate ecstasy. I left with a whole different feeling about myself. The "afterglow" lasted for days.An experience I know I will repeat. 


Email 6/15/04, posted in total by permission of writer.






I tried to think of some adjectives to describe "The Body Fantasy Experience," but even those I selected above do not do it justice. Jim has created a massage experience like no other I've ever had in the Midwest and even in southern California. His attention to every detail starts from the moment you step into his very specially designed room. I was at ease from the very start to the last minute with Jim. Every care or concern I might have had that day vanished when Jim laid the magic of his hands on my body. From the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet, it was a 2-hour session of an artist, a craftsman working over my body like a piece of clay being sculpted and made over erasing all of the aches, stiffness and the tightness a body can retain. It was the best gift that I could ever give myself and consider it money well spent. I WILL BE BACK!!! Jim, feel comfortable to use me as a reference.




Email 5/04/04, posted in total by permission of writer.


How can I possibly thank you for the most exciting day of my life. I never thought that I could enjoy my body as much as I did today. You are a fantastic person and I can never thank you enough for the pleasure you brought me today. Your web site doesn't begin to tell the wonderful experience that you bring to people especially me. I am still on cloud ten (higher than 9). I thought I made good time getting to your place. I even made it home faster probably because I was still in a state of ecstasy. Words cannot describe how I felt during the fantasy and still do.

I really don't see how the sensual fantasy can be even better the one I was on today. You can be sure that I will be back to try the sensual fantasy, but I will probably go thru the roof.

Again Jim, thanks for everything

Your cloud 10 client


Email 4/24/04, posted in total by permission of writer.


I was searching the net for a male therapist and came upon The Body Fantasy Site. I read the entire web page several times and although somewhat "leery" decided to schedule an appointment. I did so and was given very accurate directions to Jim's Studio. I live two plus hours from it. I must admit that driving there I had second thoughts and decided if his studio were in some shabby building or undesirable location I would just turn around and head home. Instead his studio is located in a very nice area in an upscale neighborhood. I was met by Jim with a hearty handshake and any anxiety I had dissipated. He guided me toward his private comfortable room and after undressing I crawled on his warm table. The lights, the music and his gentle hands sent me "off to never never land". I do not know or do I think there are enough adjectives to describe my two hours session but one word is heavenly. He walked me to the door and we exchanged hugs. My trip home seemed like only minutes and the warmth of the session is still with me. I'm hoping to see Jim again in May. Thanks Jim.


Name withheld by request

Email 3/30/04, posted in total by permission of writer.


It is hard enough to find words to describe the Body Fantasy, and even more so when it comes to the Sensual Fantasy.  The best way I could describe it would be that it is a "Symphony of Touch, a Celebration of Male".

The background is a symphony of sound comprised of 20+ individual music selections, choreographed to rise and fall with the intensity of the massage.

As the sound in a symphony moves from section to section of the orchestra, this massage moves in total harmony with it. You literally feel the soft sounds of the strings gliding from low to high notes. You feel the solid strokes of the woodwinds. You feel the accents of the brass and just wait till you feel the percussion session.

Music analogy aside, it is one intense, and may I add totally pleasurable, and sensual experience of touch.

I have been spoiled with the 4 hand Body Fantasy, and could not resist the 4 hand sensual fantasy. Jim and Karl are secure males. They know what they are doing.
They know the physiology of men. They provide an atmosphere, and a real sense of caring that makes you totally at ease during the experience. From the surroundings in Jim's special massage room to their very pleasant personalities, it is no lie when you hear whispered in your ear as things begin "This is all about YOU" - because IT IS. You are given their
undivided attention.

The only regret I have is that I live four and a half hours away. It is well worth the trip. The only downside, if there is one, is that it eventually comes to an end.  But for those two hours
you are in another world. Bravo!


Name withheld

E Mail 10/15/2003 Posted in total by permission of writer.


Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I wanted to tell you about the significant impact that my recent 4hander sensual Body Fantasy massage in your studio had on me. I think that the most lasting impression has been the near-perfect synchronization of both pressure and touch applied by you and your partner, Karl, had on both my body and emotional state. The session began with assurance that I was in a situation where I could let all anxieties leave my body and mind. For some reason, a simple statement, while a hand was gently laid on my chest and forehead was a perfect beginning to what became two hours of total relaxation and transportation to another level of physical and sensual existence. The almost symphonic orchestration of four hands on one body was such that I felt a sense of complete unity, harmony, and, yes, male love flowing between the two of you and me. I don't think I have ever felt anything so intimately personal and so meaningful before. The touch, the bridging which assured me that my being, both physical and emotional, was always in contact with yours, was exquisite in it tenderness and caring.
I cannot say that the 4hander sensual massage will be appropriate for everyone, but it is an experience which any man who is open to warmth, caring, and a completely sensual experience, a man who has no anxieties about the touch of other men, would not be completely open to. The session's music, scent, and caring words; the beginning sense of belonging and the final moment of tenderness are all things which define male closeness for me. Clients who afford themselves of such an experience are indeed fortunate.


E-mail 08/02/03 Posted in total by permission of anonymous writer


Quite simply put, Jim has meant a lot to me....not only for the male touch that every man needs, but he has become a friend. No one has come close to the techniques that he uses on a man's body. He is firm, gentle, sensual, warm and caring. I've been to Jim many times over and will continue to do so. Jim, I wish you all the best and continued success my friend.

E-mail 11/18/2002 Posted in total by permission of writer


Jim, I wanted to thank both you and Karl for another thoroughly enjoyable experience with The Body Fantasy. There was so much I remembered from my first visit to you, and yet I believe I felt new sensations during the second visit. It amazes me, as it would amaze most men, the pleasures the male body can experience. I've said it before but it bears repeating -- it takes a man to know how another man wants and needs to be touched. Both you and Karl know how to touch a man, and you both do it so very, very well.

The Body Fantasy isn't a gay experience; it's a male experience. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or curious you should allow yourself to be touched like a man should and NEEDS to be touched. And better yet, you should let Jim and Karl be the men who touch you. The atmosphere is very comfortable and very non-threatening. Jim and Karl will go out of their way to make you comfortable, and you will not be touched in a manner that makes you uncomfortable. Jim and Karl want and need your feedback in order to insure your Fantasy is incredible, sensual, and memorable.

Jim and Karl do not care what you look like. They do not care if you are short, fat, thin, tall -- whatever. It's a man-to-man experience delivered by two men who want you to feel good. During my both of my Body Fantasy sessions, after I had undressed and hopped up onto the treatment table, Karl put his hand on my shoulder and said, "This is all about you." And it is. These men are unselfish in their administration of a therapeutic touch. But do not misunderstand -- The Body Fantasy is not massage. You are touched with massage-like strokes, to be sure, but it is not massage; it is pleasure, pure and simple, given by two men (or one if you prefer) who's only goal is to see to it that you are touched pleasurably.

My only regret is that I do not live closer to Jim's studio, otherwise I would schedule a Fantasy once a month. I've had two experiences thus far, and I will definitely be back for more. Do not allow the cost to deter you from making an appointment for your own Body Fantasy; it's well worth the cost, and even the 4-hand Fantasy is less expensive than many massages of the same time length (2 hours), and yet you'll feel something more, something better, than you do after a regular massage.

For those of you who are curious about man-to-man touch but are feeling shy or nervous about allowing yourself such an experience, I can only say DO IT.  I have found Jim and Karl to be completely trustworthy and very discreet. Discretion is very important to me, and while I was somewhat nervous the first time, as I did not completely know what to expect, I went boldly into Jim's studio the second time, knowing I could count of these men and their discretion.

Men, schedule a Body Fantasy for yourself NOW. Allow yourself to be touched in a way you've never been before. Allow yourself to be touched the way you NEED to be. Let these men make you feel like you've never felt before. You will not regret it.

If you have any questions, and would like to ask them of someone who has experienced The Body Fantasy, please feel free to write me at the email address below. Be sure to state "Body Fantasy" in the subject line so I know what it is you're writing about. (Like Jim, I receive a huge amount of spam and would be disappointed if I missed your message.)

Again, Jim and Karl, thank you for another mind-blowing experience with The Body Fantasy. Just writing these words I'm feeling the glow all over again. I can't wait until I'm back in your area and can schedule another session.




Review 9/20/2002


I had read about The Body Fantasy on-line at and had longed to give it a try. This past July I found myself in Northern Illinois (I live in New Mexico) and booked myself an appointment for a 4-hand Body Fantasy. I would not be disappointed. The Body Fantasy is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have therapeutic massage regularly, and have experienced "erotic" massage as well, but none compared to The Body Fantasy. The Body Fantasy works the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. The room is dark, warm and a bit humid, and the colors of light go through several changes during the experience. You are touched in a way only a man can know how to touch you. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, Jim and Karl left no area of me untouched. (And I have a lot of area! LOL) Not being in the best of shape I felt a bit self-conscious being nude during this most intense treatment, but Jim and Karl made me feel good about myself. When I first got on the table they told me, "This is all about you." They offer a massage-like treatment that is geared exclusively to men, where we, as men, can be naked and unashamed and enjoy all the pleasures our bodies have to offer. There was nothing I did not enjoy about The Body Fantasy. The facial was especially wonderful; the scented oils they used are energizing and invigorating. They even used some electric "toys" at one point, which I did not think I would enjoy, but found that I did enjoy immensely. Hot towels, hot stones, brushes and other accoutrements find their way to your body; it's so much more than just "massage", but being touched in the way they do is so incredible. In fact, the guys work hard to insure one of them is touching you at all times during the entire Fantasy.

It takes a man to know how to touch a man -- I've said that before but it bears repeating. Jim and Karl know how to touch a man. And they do it so very, very well.

Do yourself a favor -- book The Body Fantasy NOW. It's a spectacular bargain given that two men (or one if you prefer) will be completely focused on YOU, and only you, for 2 hours. Just writing this down has me experiencing The Body Fantasy all over again, and it's a great memory. I'll be booking another appointment again soon. Don't be afraid! Allow yourself to experience all the pleasures the body has to offer. Allow yourself to be touched by a man who knows how you want and need to be touched. You'll be glad you did.


Albuquerque, NM

September 20, 2002


Review 6/13/2002


The Body Fantasy is everything that a man could want in a full body massage, administered by professionals who very quickly recognize the needs of the client, adjusting the routine to accommodate individual needs, from adjustment of the spine to concentration on areas of the body producing discomfort or pain. As a client of several years standing, I can vouch for the staff's concern for all clients, for maintaining a sense of discretion and professional decorum. One comes away feeling completely relaxed, having been exposed to both light and sound therapy, as well as touch therapy which is sensitive to all parts of the body. I can think of no better way of spending two hours of one's time and would never hesitate to recommend the experience--once or on a regular basis--to any one of my friends. A truly exceptional experience.

Mr. Anonymous 6/13/02


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Jim offers a four-handed, two-hour session that has to be experienced to fully understand. Shawn comes down from his Stoughton, WI studio to join his mentor at Jim's Janesville, WI studio. Together they give a carefully designed massage that can repeatedly carry you to the brink of bliss and gently and lovingly bring you back to earth.
If all you want is a good, erotic, sensual massage they can easily provide one for you. If, however, you are willing to open yourself to them, they will help you explore the hidden depths of your sensuality and release what has lain hidden within you. These are two compassionate and loving men totally aware of their own masculinity and able to reach out and touch your own hidden man, brothers to brother.
Rate: $170 Per: 2 Hours Four Hand Session
Comments: I am 62 years old and have had Swedish-Style and sport massages for forty years at health clubs and spas.

I have had only a few erotic massages. They have ended in single ejaculatory climaxes. With Shawn and Jim I had multiple orgasms without a final climax.

I am writing this 3 days after my massage and I am still feeling the serenity and afterglow of my experience.

After months of hearing about the incredible Body Fantasy experience from a friend, I decided to "take the plunge" and schedule one. Initially a bit apprehensive, I gradually relaxed in the warm, aromatic, and soothing atmosphere. For two hours, Jim used his skilled hands and various techniques to massage the stress out of every part of my body. To be touched by another man has always been taboo in our society, however, Jim was able to gently and lovingly break down those barriers that I have always lived with. With various paces and techniques set to beautiful, soothing background music, the Body Fantasy takes you from peaks of pleasure, to cradles of ecstasy...and back again. I actually forgot where I was several times. There's just something so affirming about receiving such gentle and caring touching from another man; The Body Fantasy "quickened" my male soul, and was definitely worth the 4-hour plane trip it took to experience it. I know I'll be back. Thanks, Jim- you are a "man among men!"
Rate: $85 Per: 2 Hours In
Comments: I'm a 58-yr.old professional guy, married for 20 years. I've never experienced a professional massage like this!

I recently received a two hour Body Fantasy session and LOVED it! I am a massage therapist and recognize good bodywork when I experience it. Jim's work was more than good, it was excellent! Although I initially was evaluating his techniques and sequence in my mind (as most therapist would do), I soon found myself letting go of the "professional" part of me and drifting into a more personal zone where I felt safe and comfortable to be myself. There I was able to let go of all my tensions and fears and turn my body over to the professional, yet personable, hands of a "master". Within a short time I seemed to be floating above the table disconnected from time and place. During the next many minutes there were a series of physical and emotional releases.. This was far more than the pampering I initially thought it would be -- though the oils, the hot towels, and the lovingly placed hands were pampering me! But more than that I was experiencing a wonderful healing of body and emotion. In the end, I felt completely refreshed, renewed, and connected in ways that I had not felt in a long time. I would encourage anyone thinking about a Body Fantasy session to go beyond the doubts and fears that may be keeping them from making an appointment. Contact Jim today! You'll never regret it!!!
Rate: $60 Per: 2 Hours In
Comments: I am a professional massage and muscle therapist with a private practice in Pennsylvania.

I don't really know where to begin......I grew up with a father who never touched me...I wanted his affection and never understood why he rejected me. All my life, I've yearned for masculine touch...sometimes I actually physically hurt when I saw fathers and sons together who were affectionate with each other. These feelings made me wonder if I was gay...and in my generation, that meant instant rejection. So I pretended I didn't need it. As I got older, the need didn't go away. I once hired a male escort...I was lucky, he was a compassionate man who understood that I wanted nurturing, not sex. My time with him was healing, but I knew I'd probably not be able to reproduce it. When I found Jim's "body fantasy" I thought it was too good to be true. Jim's a baby boomer like myself and when I emailed him and told him I was hoping for a "safe place" to heal, he told me I had found it. I made the appointment and got up the courage to go...I shouldn't have worried. I'd never felt so accepted. I'm not exactly a physical specimen, and it didn't bother Jim a bit. He treated me with respect and affection. His process is unique...I get massages regularly, but they're nothing like his. He sensed my one point, he stopped the massage, told me he was going to modify it, and just held me to "be" with me. I've never experienced such a unselfish act from a man before. He sensed what was in my head...and what I didn't even know I needed. I felt like I was experiencing a male initiation I was being welcomed into the "tribe" of men. I felt like I was being taught things about my body that could only be taught by another's emotions, men's physical responses: healing touch from head to toe. I felt connected to another man the way I had always wanted. This is a physical process, certainly, but it goes right to your soul. I felt warmth from this man like I had never before...I feel like emotional doors are opening for me that have been closed for decades.
Rate: $60 Per: 2 Hours In
Comments: I'm 50, married and a successful businessman. I have a pressure point massage of my neck, head and shoulders every week. I'm not in good physical shape. I never knew what I was searching for until I found it in Jim at Body Fantasy.

The process is called "The Body Fantasy". I was not sure why I was intrigued by it all, yet I needed a full massage after the aches and pains of a whiplash incident I was recovering from. Being out of Physical Therapy from the hospital and now with the Chiropractor and stretching all the time, I still had aches that kept visiting my body and taxing my spirit. Pain can drain so much energy and it is tough to come back from quickly. "The Body Fantasy" an intriguing thought. After talking with Jim and seeing his website, I was not truly sure what I was heading into, yet my senses said to go for it. Plus this was going to be a present for me. I had never had a real full body male massage yet lay on a table naked with another man working on me. So I put all that aside and my senses still kept telling me to do it, fears and all. Jim had a last minute cancellation and the timing was perfect.

"Touching the Soul of Man" is more like what I experienced. A two-hour labor of love was given to me. My spirit was healed from the homophobic touch of another man. Being a man who was molested as a youth, I still carried the germs of a trauma put on me by an older man. I carried the shame of my body inside my body. I carried this shame inside my heart and my very soul. "The Body Fantasy" turned out to be the fantasy of my soul. Through a very careful and thought out process, Jim began this journey with me that is difficult to explain in factual terms. He combined movements from therapeutic process that I recognized and some that I didn't recognize. Being put under a hot towel and wrapped was just what the doctor ordered. Or should I say just what God ordered for me.
Under changing lights, I ventured on into the sensual being that is me into another part of myself. I let go and trusted the process that brought me to this place.

"Touching the Spirit of God" .yeah, that could also be another heading for "The Body Fantasy". There is God in everyman. This man that was coating my body in oils was also coating my soul and my spirit with love. I felt sometimes that I was a body being anointed for burial in some ancient ritual. Then again, I was being anointed for life as a new born, as I would have done for my children. Then I saw myself anointing the body of my dead Father in honor of his life. Many cultures still do this, yet it is an ancient process. That is what Jim was doing. He was becoming part of me in this ancient process of man healing man. I was touched in places and in ways that I never experienced before. Each loving stoke, each movement made and each silent moment brought a surge of life back into my body that only God could understand. I surely didn't. Like a tidal wave of tears, I let go to be held in the hands of God.

"Touching the Soul of God" is more like it. I believe that God exists in everyman. I believe this is the healing connection between the mortal and the immortal. Opening up this male God force within me opened the door for God to do His healing. It is like a kindred channel, a wavelength on a CB Radio where we both tuned to channel 9. "Hey, you out there good buddy? God here.10-4" Sounds simple. God touched me. The cord between Him and I was spliced together again. Every energy point, every connector was put back in place, opened up and switched on. The "Soul of God" became alive to me again. "I" became alive to me again.

"The Body Fantasy" is what this event is called. My experience may be a little profound, yet all I know is what happens to me. What happens to another man is their own individual experience and I cannot speak for them. I witnessed first hand the evolvement in being part of this Spirit and Soul connection with other men. I found myself not to be alone.

Jim's special method is the most incredible technique developed in male massage. Trying to imagine being raised to a higher level than where the body fantasy took me would be beyond my comprehension.

I rate Jim as one of the best it not THE best in what he does. I have had many other professional massages, friends that are NMT's, Yoga, Reiki and the like and none have compared to the healing touch of this experience.
Rate: $60 Per: 2 Hours In
Comments: I am a 53 y/o professional businessman with my own company. I understand the value of the almighty dollar and what it can do. Have been married for over 27 years and have children that have traveled the world.

After reading the Body Fantasy website, I thought "it was too good to be true." I recently had the opportunity to see for myself. It's all true - every word. A totally unique experience. I made the appointment and received a quick reply - confirmed the date and time and received directions to Janesville. I drove over 300 miles and it was worth it.
Jim was personable, open, and friendly from the moment he answered the door. Once we entered the specially heated room, I became his undivided focus for the next two hours. I felt comfortable with him from the very first moment. We spoke little as I wanted to let the experience happen.
I was brushed, sprayed, oiled, massaged and then some. By the time Jim was finished there wasn't one square inch of me (and I have a few extra square inches) that didn't receive attention. The use of a special imported, pleasantly scented oil, the other massage instruments, the hot towels, combined with his intuitive and experienced hands, left me totally refreshed and tingling. The facial (overlooked by many) left a great feeling!
Jim's technique is anything but conventional. You learn quickly that he has his own style of achieving a high degree of relaxation and pleasure. This is NOT a "turn on" massage, but one that explores all that it means to be male. Although it can be and is sensual, every movement is done with great dignity by one very comfortable with his own maleness and very sensitive to yours.
I have had many massages from good to very bad, but never have I felt so "connected" in addition to feeling very relaxed. I left with a whole different feeling about myself. The "glow" lasted for days. An experience I would love to repeat.
Rate: $60 Per: 2 Hours In
Comments: I am in my mid fifties, husky build, a Professional and Administrator. I deal with people and it produces a fair amount of stress and tension. I use massage to unwind, and return to the real world. I arrange for a massage about every couple of months if my schedule allows. I would rate Jim, as described above, in the top 5 that I have ever experienced.

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