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A politically non-correct discussion about male sexuality. No one else seems to discuss it very well.

The following are my findings based on observation and decades of study. I am not on a mission to shatter anyone's religious beliefs with this material, but rather I am discussing a topic that others don't; can't; won't or subjectively dance around with. It's a closet topic and this web site is devoted to objectively looking at taboo topics by bringing them out of the closet and into the open.

Warning: I don't dance around with this topic - I tell it as I see it. The term "Creator" in this discussion is not meant to infer a religious entity, but rather refers to the forces of natural creation or evolutionary processes that resulted in the development of the human species.

Should sexuality be an issue? I mean should it be any kind of issue whatsoever? Is it worth all the flap that society makes over it? Is it all that important to know what a person's sexual attractions or preferences are? What difference does it make, and who is harmed if those attractions don't conform to society and religious standards? Why do societies and religions define who people should be attracted to? Why is a man not supposed to have affectionate feelings for another man? Why is a women not supposed to have affectionate feelings for another women? Who's to say it's wrong.? How did these rules and commands sneak into our society? Well, the answers lie in false beliefs. False beliefs have been the cause of human suffering since humans had the ability to believe.

The root underlying premise for these false beliefs is religion. All religions foster false beliefs. And, having profound deep beliefs in ill-conceived myths within most religions can be the cause of much human suffering.

All religions are control mechanisms. They were invented dozens of centuries ago when there were no answers to what modern science now has defined. Plato, whose sacrificial philosophy formed the basis for every manmade religion, was the sole father of today's sacrificial religions. One man, did more destruction to the human race with his teachings, that spread and formed all false premised religions, than any other person that ever walked the earth.  Religions then provided answers to questions by fostering false beliefs long before the discovery of the rational sciences. The concept, of all manmade religions places the believers in traps and forces thinking and actions that diametrically oppose the human instinctive rational means of survival. Religions place labels on people, and go so far as to condemn and label people for the mere act of being born. It is not uncommon for some religions to even label a new born a "sinner." Imagine that, being labeled with a vile term for just simply arriving on the scene. But, if you are brought up with that religious belief, then the religion teaches you how to make amends for that, which means you must prove that label is wrong and live your life according to the religious dogma, meaning you don't live your life the way you want, but you live it for the way someone else says you should in order to have the label removed when you die. This means your life is not yours to own while on earth, but becomes captive to some spiritual entity, that commands you to live your life in accordance to the religious dogma. And if you don't, your sinner label grows, and you then become a really big sinner. Trying to abide by, and follow such arbitrary and irrational commands and doctrines while living in a modern day rational society, can and does lead one into a life of conflicts, strife and unhappiness. All religions have the been the root causes of immense human suffering for centuries and have been the causes of wars, civil disasters, and human conflicts. The events of September 11,  2001 should more than prove that statement!

So it is with sexuality. Religions have ingrained within world societies what those living in that society should think and believe. Religious commands are broad based and cover virtually every aspect of human life including defining sexual attractions, thus proclaiming that only opposite sex attraction is acceptable. To enforce that command, religion invented marriage as one of the seven sacraments. (I wonder if "sacrament" is a derivative word of "sacrifice.") The marriage sacrament has intent, and commands the union of a male and female. By invoking the sacrament vows, it commands that the union is to last for life, thus precluding any other sexual attractions that either party may have or might have in the future for others, including being attracted to others of their own sex. Religion forces two people, of the opposite sex, to swear to love, honor, cherish and obey -- which implies that the attraction (love) of the moment, (or maybe it never was) is sealed "until death do us part." Both partners take vows to that effect, and therefore, it shall be. If sexual attraction wanes, and the couple later finds that they are no longer attracted, or perhaps they never were, a life of unhappiness and misery can result. Either or both partners can suffer severe conflicts and live in constant misery, knowing they are not attracted to each other, yet may have attractions to others, and even to others of their own sex. Such conflicts can be unbearable.

If a man desires a man, that is not permitted according to religion. With regard to the verse below the offenders will be put to death. Generally no one is put to death, unless we consider Mathew Shepard, but nevertheless it was established law, and accepted societal intents and variations of the law exist.

Leviticus 20:13: 
KJV: (King James Version): "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them." 
Regardless of the serious intent of the verse, or who interprets it to mean what, the bottom line is that the verse, and others like it, have been used to condemn those having same sex attraction. I prefer not to use the label of "gay," here, as it is a society label.. Just as "sinner" is a label and judges a person who has no control over the conditions that placed the label on him, so also is the term "gay." It's a judgment, a condemnation of a personal attribute that one cannot control. 

My further theory on sexual attraction is this. I think virtually everyone is attracted to their own sex to some degree, more or less. I think that is the way the Creator intended. Why would you want a species that would be exclusively attracted to the opposite sex? Why would the Creator be so foolish as to design humans so that everyone within it, would only be attracted to the opposite sex; would marry, and have kids? Such a design flaw would cause human suffering beyond belief? Well the Creator didn't. Religion did. And, what do we have? Human suffering beyond belief! Religion forces a man to believe he must be exclusively attracted to a women. Such commands are utter nonsense and totally contrary to man's instinctive biological feelings of sexual attraction. Since religion, by command, forces one to believe that, one can live a life of denial - always forcing oneself into trying to believe he is attracted only to the opposite sex. 

Bottom line is: men if you are attracted only to your own sex, be thankful and live your life the way you want. Perhaps find a partner, love that partner, and enjoy everything life has to give. There is nothing wrong with it. You are not a defect. It only becomes a problem when you believe there is a problem or it causes you to live a life of denial and conflicts. If you are attracted to both sexes, be thankful again. You have been truly created with a wonderful gift and live your life accordingly, following your natural attractions to whatever sex. If you are attracted exclusively only to the opposite sex, you might be the ones of a very tiny minority that should marry and have children.

Whatever your attractions are, it's what you are. You don't deserve to be labeled by society or condemned by a religion. The Creator did not make a mistake when you were designed. All mistakes have all been made by manmade religions and the results are thrust upon societies. A proper, just and rational religion (a paradox) would never label a person as a sinner for just being born or condemning a person for their personal sexual proclivities if that person happened to like members of his own sex. As long as that person can love or desires to love, what difference does it make who is loved? No religion, or persons within a society should ever assign tags to the wonderful creation of a life with vile labels such as a "sinner" or other labels describing that person's personal sexual attraction attributes, like gay, homo, fag, or queer, etc. False beliefs? Of course. When we shed false beliefs and start thinking for ourselves and not thinking as religions and others want us to think, we will be able to think and live a life free of conflicts, internal turmoil, and personal suffering.

Yes, all this is most politically incorrect. To even mention these kinds of things about religions and about thinking for yourself may be way over the top for some people. So, be it. If someone doesn't talk about it, we will continue the downward plunge into the philosophical dark ages. So, unless you like being stuck in life, think as others want you to think. If you want to live life, then think as the Creator designed you to think. Use your head, and stop believing in ridiculous myths. You were born perfect! Our Creator didn't make mistakes. Only man makes mistakes..