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 When your body is involved, this is stuff you need to know. There is a lot of reading here but don't click out until you have read it all. This was written years ago and references me (Jim), however, I have retired since. 

The Body Fantasy is my term for my exclusive body touch technique. The Body Fantasy should not be confused or associated with the generally regulated profession of massage therapy. The techniques and philosophies of each are galaxies apart. If there are similarities, it's purely coincidental.

 I have chosen to call what I do The Body Fantasy, because that is what it is. In talking with my clients, over the years, there is a unanimous consensus that they are not looking for conventional massage therapy. If anything it is, at best, a last ditch effort to find someone — anyone — who will touch them. And, they all agree on common grounds: "It just doesn't cut it." Conventional massage therapy is not designed around male physiology, or the understanding of the male psyche. It's a mechanical technique where the operator has been taught certain moves, and those moves are the extent of their knowledge.

 What men really wish for and seek, is something very special—something that will breath the spark of life back into their bodies. They want to feel good about life, themselves and others. They want something that leaves them glowing with that treasured inner peace. That only happens when they encounter the perfect setting and then experience the techniques that complement their true male nature. I know for a fact, there is no one, anywhere, doing what I do, in The Body Fantasy. The Body Fantasy is the science of knowing and understanding the male nature, and then providing the techniques based on that science -- to make a man feel like a man. It's quite literally light years beyond any typical male to male massage, or Jurassic age therapeutic massage. Because it is so far advanced, I can't and don't call it a massage, nor do I want you to think it is.

Here is where you will discover your instinctive need for male touch, (although that need may possibly be suppressed or denied), and all its associated wonders. You will also learn what to expect if you decide to schedule a touch session with Eric, so you won't be worrying if you should trust things, such as this, that you find on the internet. I give you my word that what you read here you can trust, and you can trust me to provide the services exactly as stated, or better!

 I don't knead, bang or poke at your muscles and tissues until they are like putty, or even worse, until they hurt. I don't overlook one third of your body, pretending it does not exist. Instead, I supply well developed techniques that have opened up the lives of many men, leaving them stress free and at peace within themselves. My techniques are broad based and concentrate on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level, whereby, massage therapy generally addresses only the physical.

 Men have slightly differing reasons to seek body touch. But, primarily there is only one underlying reason: the desire to be touched and to feel good. When you are touched properly many breathtaking things can happen. Everyone needs touch. It is our nature to be touched. Most men go to massage therapists just to be touched. They don't go so much to be relieved of any physical problems, but only because their bodies crave the touch of another human being. They just want to be touched by someone. They not only want it, but even require it. So, if you go to a massage therapist to get touched, you will be in heaven getting a Body Fantasy.

My Body Fantasies are for all men. You don't need to have a society label to enjoy a Body Fantasy. I don't believe in labels, and every man is invited to experience the wonders of the Body Fantasy. For men that are stressed in their profession, marriage, partnership, or just plain stressed out due to a harsh or worried laden lifestyle, getting a Body Fantasy might kick start and change your life. 

Now, back to the question: Why should you get a Body Fantasy? Well, besides what I said above, many mysterious and wonderful phenomena can happen when you encounter a private, safe, caring and loving environment. You might feel yourself releasing much of what has held you down, perhaps even for decades. You could suddenly be taking and enjoying deep gigantic breaths, which perhaps you have not been able to do for years. Deeply buried and disturbed mental and emotional patterns might mysteriously dissolve as the world opens up to you. Previously dead insensitive areas on your body may come alive with vibrant sensations you never knew existed. And, conversely, tickly spots, like ticklish feet and ribs, vanish mysteriously forever, leaving your body free of the stresses that caused it. Also, certain areas on your body may reconnect with other areas, creating sensations to these areas that are entirely new to you. Nothing is more gratifying than to witness these wonderful effects.

 My Body Fantasies are tailored to you and only for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment. They encompass head to toe stimulation. There are no gaping holes in between, such as with traditional massage techniques. I have perfected this very exclusive touching technique to induce into your body a state of ultimate relaxation, stress elimination and exotic body pleasure, while at the same time targeting four of your body's senses: touch, hearing, sight and smell.

When you are with me you are assured a safe, caring, loving, and peaceful experience. Our relationship is a very important part of the Body Fantasy, because it allows for a quiet and reflective time for you to just let go and allow yourself to experience that which you may have never felt before. During your Body Fantasy you will feel the magnificent power of Sensual Touching and the focus is only on your pleasure. I intuitively combine the perfect combination of techniques to bring your body into the ultimate state of total bliss and into a world of peace and serenity.

 My goal is to provide you what your body wants and what you know it wants, and in doing so I use only my blend of touch techniques that are in total harmony with your body, thus giving you the most wonderful sensations you may possibly ever feel. Remember, I do not do massage therapy. If you want that then you need to find a licensed and certified massage therapist, which I am not.

 After getting a Body Fantasy, the pleasant after thoughts will float in your mind like a Herculean flux until you give in and do it again (and maybe again and again). Of course there is never any pressure that obligates you to return. Your body will eventually tell you "it's that time again." Of course I always encourage my clients they are welcome to return anytime, and once you are my client, I always want to keep you as one.

As with all Body Fantasies, all my protocols are strictly enforced as described in the FAQ page and the Disclaimer.